deep cutting

deep cutting, deeping

The resawing of timber lengthwise, parallel to the faces.
References in classic literature ?
Except when a branch road joins the main one, there is seldom more than one track of rails; so that the road is very narrow, and the view, where there is a deep cutting, by no means extensive.
Tenders are invited for Conducting Slope Stability analysis along with aerial survey of deep cuttings and slopes of major bridge locations, land slide areas, Design/Suggestion for stable slopes and submission of scheme for remedial measures to protect deep cutting, Design of RCC retaining wall on open and deep foundation, subsurface drainage, covered drains etc.
The nanofibrous coating is made of chitosan and polycaprolactone polymers and has a good performance in the treatment of skin injuries such as deep cutting wounds and third degree burns.
A commuter train carrying hundreds of passengers derailed and plunged down a deep cutting.
To reduce noise levels, the road will be constructed through a deep cutting and sound barriers will also be constructed in certain sections.