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The point of deep sequencing is to go well past even the usual NGS depths (which can be roughly on the order of 30 replicates observed for known single copy targets); deep and ultra-deep sequencing can push this number to 100 or higher.
NS5A PI resistance-associated variants Y93H were found, and L31M variants were detected only by deep sequencing
Increased detection rates of ECFR and KRAS mutations in NSCLC specimens with low tumour cell content by 454 deep sequencing.
About LC Sciences - LC Sciences is a leader in miRNA discovery and profiling offering flexible services and delivering high quality results based on our innovative [micro]Paraflo[R] custom microarray platform and the latest deep sequencing technologies.
We found that the 454 System's deep sequencing method enabled the detection of both common viral variants and those undetected by standard population sequencing, with high intra- and inter-laboratory consistency.
The 58 new miRNA sequences were found by deep sequencing in a miRNA discovery study performed on an Applied Biosystems SOLiD 3 sequencing system.
Haferlach will discuss the application of deep sequencing and the insights it has provided for both leukemias and other myeloid neoplasms as well as the translation of recent discoveries into state-of-the-art gene screening assays.
Tenders are invited for Supply of goods Metagenome Sequencing (Project) deep sequencing inetagenome DNA samples and advanced bioinformatics analysis for microbial identification and profiling.
To calculate the WPS, they perform deep sequencing of the cfDNA and count the number of fragments that fit within a 120-bp window centered on a nucleotide.
Deep sequencing of DNA isolated from liver cells in the treated mice also showed that correction to the mutation was consistent with the survival results.
Kumar used a DNA deep sequencing methodology to obtain an unprecedented in-depth view of these microbial communities in their natural setting.
The system supports a range of sequencing applications, including candidate gene screening, Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) follow up, deep sequencing of heterogeneous tumor samples, medical genetics and targeted methylation analysis.