deep-sea exploration

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deep-sea exploration:

see oceanographyoceanography,
study of the seas and oceans. The major divisions of oceanography include the geological study of the ocean floor (see plate tectonics) and features; physical oceanography, which is concerned with the physical attributes of the ocean water, such as currents and
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He hopes his custom-built sub will lead to a new era in deep-sea exploration. Right now, teams from across the world are working on other submersibles to explore the mysteries there.
Even in the early days of deep-sea exploration, scientists found themselves puzzling over the ways in which close kin of shallow-water species could thrive at much greater depths.
This study attempts to dispel the story of the flatfish by exploring more recent developments in deep-sea exploration and biological research: (1) the mismatch of depths compared with fish of similar body form, (2) an improbable window of opportunity to have made the observations, (3) the absence of fish from other cameras deployed in the trenches, (4) the absence of fish from subsequent exploration of the area, and (5) new hypotheses that predict that fish are, at a cellular level, physiologically incapable of surviving at depths greater than 8500 m.
Patent and R&D tax credits will help our most innovative industries, investment in North Sea oil and gas will help our position as a world-leader in deep-sea exploration and a UK Centre for Aerodynamics will help our world-class engineers design and commercialise the next generation of aircraft."
"If you ever want a case of finding a needle in the haystack, this is the top of the list in deep-sea exploration," Ballard said.
While "Avatar" was set in the exotic jungles of Pandora, "Titanic" director Cameron plans to bring his love for deep-sea exploration into the next chapter, setting some of the action in the moon's oceans.
Deep-sea exploration turned up even greater deposits in the oceans.
science ship and the first joint deep-sea exploration by Indonesia and the United States.
A trailblazing deep-sea exploration robot--one of the first successful submersible vehicles that was both unmanned and untethered to surface ships--was lost in the depths March 5, 2010, on a research expedition off the coast of Chile.
Deep-sea exploration relies heavily on sending down cameras in UUVs, but it would cost far less simply to drop a very small probe down."
Fifteen short, readable essays assembled by the French editor, journalist, and film director cover everything from the history of deep-sea exploration to methane seeps and hydrothermal vents.