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see Scottish deerhoundScottish deerhound,
breed of tall hound developed in Scotland in the 16th and 17th cent. It stands from 28 to 32 in. (71.1–81.3 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 75 to 110 lb (34.0–49.9 kg).
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Average withers height (62 cm) obtained in this study is shorter than for the Russian Borzoi, Irish Wolfhound, Afghan Hound, Arabian Greyhound, Chart Polski, Galgo Espanol, English Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Kyrgyz Taigan, Magyar Agar, Scottish Deerhound, Sloughi, and earlier measurements for the Turkish Tazi (Tepeli, 2003).
approaching Deerhound rounds the stern of the Kearsarge headed toward
TREADING THE BOARDS: Deerhound cross Ria (above) and (left) with actor Andrew Melville on stage in The Two Gentlemen of Verona Pictures: ROB TYSALL
Scott was his host on the artist's very first trip to Scotland in 1824 and Landseer painted the familiar picture of Scott's dogs, entitled 'A Scene at Abbotsford' with the elderly deerhound Maida in the centre.
WILL you give a new home to Jimmy, a two-year-old Deerhound cross with an excellent temperament?
Alfie is a Deerhound puppy - and a "Dear Hound" as he's much loved by his young master Charlie.
Deerhound Club's Open Show, in Dunblane Hydro Hotel.
Previously owned by WinStar Farm, Kentucky, the 11-year-old daughter of Deerhound belonged to Lloyds of London at the time of her death.
By a strange twist of fate, some crew members were rescued by the British yacht Deerhound - also built in Birkenhead by Laird Brothers.
Volunteers from the charity held a four-day street collection from January 25 to 28 with the help of Shaggy, a huge Scottish Deerhound, and Sixer, a tiny Yorkie, in the centre of Newcastle.