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FOR many years now, the Golf has represented the default name in small family hatchbacks.
Enter Main where the default name Form1 appears and click on OK.
In the File Name block accept the default name or create a new name.
This figure increased to 21 percent if networks that used the default name, but which had some random element per device, e.
Using a simple one-time set up process for each U-verse receiver, customers just tune to channel 9301 and go through intuitive steps to name their U-verse receivers using a default name like "living room" or "bedroom," or create a personalized name, to enable the functionality and features.
Jeep might be the default name in big all-terrain vehicles but it is a relative newcomer to producing a car whose bias is tilted back towards the road.
Since very few wireless users bother to change the default name to a secure code, most wireless access points are unprotected, leaving the corporate network vulnerable to attack or misuse.
Replace the default name, such as T1, with a meaningful name: Name for the Name box, Address for the Address box, and so on.
C can, therefore, only infect Microsoft Word documents with components named "ThisDocument" (the default name for the document object class module in the English versions of Word).
In addition to renaming default names and passwords, here are five steps Foscam recommends to ensure the security of your camera and prevent various types of hacking and unauthorized access.
The default names of files you are downloading from ASIMS are changing to better reflect the data contained within the file and to include the date the data was downloaded.
name discourages serial hackers from targeting you, because wireless networks with default names like "linksys" are more likely to lack custom passwords or encryption, making them a tempting target for opportunistic hackers.