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What does it mean when you dream about defecation?

The act of defecating in a dream can indicate that one has unloaded something one has been carrying around. Alternatively, natural self-expression. We can also feel “defecated on.” From a psychoanalytic point of view, toilet training is a major step in one’s development, so defecating has multiple interpretations.

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Surveillance video caught the unidentified male intentionally defecating on the street outside the home of Andrea Rosenblum in Eltingville, a neighborhood located on the South Shore of Staten Island.
'Anyone caught defecating in the open will be arrested and prosecuted,' he said.
? CCTV catches a man defecating outside the Tivoli nightclub in Buckley
Lonikar said the Centre and state together had spent over Rs 6,000 crore on sanitation in Maharashtra and over three crore people have stopped defecating in the open in the state.
After finishing defecating, he told the flight attendant open the door because he said he had trouble breathing, but she refused.
Despite several warnings, some unscrupulous people are still defecating on the beaches to the discomfort of the majority of Ghanaians.
Last year, the education department asked schoolteachers to make rounds of the rural areas, both in the morning and the evening, to spot any anyone defecating in the open and click photos of them, in order to "shame them".
As part of the campaign, as many as 114 'Open Defecation Points' have been identified where volunteers of the campaign will blow whistles to stop people from defecating in the open.
GUJRAT -- A 55-year-old man was brutally tortured and humiliated in a village of Mirpur district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on orders of a panchayat for allegedly defecating in a local mosque and stealing wires and bulbs from there, the police said.
POLICE in Penarth have issued a warning after a string of people defecating outside peoples houses.