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defective work

Work not complying with the contract requirements. See nonconforming work.
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Nutritional deficiencies are common in Pakistan with iron deficiency anemia being the commonest and most prevalent due to unawareness and lower socioeconomic status, which can be even more pro-found in pregnancy.8 Severe iron deficiency anemia leads to maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality.
According to National Nutrition Survey, maternal nutrition and breastfeeding behavior along with child underweight, wasting and micronutrient deficiencies are linked to more than 180,000 deaths annually, more than one third of all child mortality.
"Iron deficiencies are on the rise in the UAE especially in women."
Behind the most common anemia caused by iron deficiency or vitamin B12 and/or folate deficiencies, it is possible that, in some cases, complex multifactorial conditions including copper deficiency can be hidden.
In patients in whom these tests are found to be normal, rarer factor deficiencies may be considered.
Paul Christopher, in his eBook, goes to great depths to help people understand what it means to lead a healthy and nutritious life and fight all kinds of ailments and deficiencies. The book contains facts on biochemistry and also the composition of vitamins, illustrating all kinds of health effects they will have on a person if they fall to its deficiency.
While severe kind of zinc deficiencies cause irregularities like loss of hairs diarrhea and delay in sexual maturation hypogonadism in males and eye and skin lesions.
Summary: Childhood obesity is very common health problem in developing countries due to over nutrition; yet research shows that most schoolchildren are deficient in at least in one vitamin or mineral, and many have multiple deficiencies.
It sought both a declaration that the Madison notice was invalid as to SCC and a "redetermination of the deficiencies set forth" in the notice.
Conclusion: Coagulation factor deficiencies, with factor VIII deficiency being the commonest are the most frequent bleeding disorders.
This Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) addresses the auditor's responsibility to appropriately communicate to those charged with governance and management deficiencies in internal control that the auditor has identified in an audit of financial statements.
To evaluate state surveyors' performance, CMS conducts federal comparative surveys in which federal surveyors independently resurvey a home recently inspected by state surveyors and compare and contrast the deficiencies identified during the two surveys.