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However, any skeptics should remember the travail and tribulation (alluded to at our beginning here) early gas turbine developers experienced to perfect the deflagration combustors of today.
Instead, three criteria are used to indicate that a deflagration has occurred: (1) rupture of the diaphragm, (2) flame leaving the chamber, and (3) a characteristic pressure vs.
Les deflagrations au coeur du Darrhib ont beau rythmer la violence faite a l'espace, Nicolas reste aveugle, comme les heros tragiques, aux consequences devastatrices de son oeuvre.
In deflagration modes, the data can be re-arranged to link the classification as function of the reactivity (burning velocity [S.
Second, it can signify both the achievement of presence and its deflagration, its emergence and its explosion.
In Minas Gerais, OROV has been maintained in silent cycles, probably because of inadequate epidemiologic conditions, such as the high density of Culicoides paraensis mosquitoes in urban areas, a limiting factor for an epidemic cycle deflagration.
s NFPA 68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting, fiberglass manufacturers and equipment suppliers are bracing for the kind of challenges the industry has faced in the past when adapting to major regulation changes.
The EIPV is an economical, yet highly reliable form of explosion isolation, a method for preventing deflagration propagation through interconnecting conveying lines, thereby protecting additional process equipment and operating locations.
In the early '90s, Woosley and Alexei Khokhlov, now at the University of Chicago, independently proposed that a hybrid model, in which a supernova begins as a deflagration and transitions to the more rapid detonation, might be the most likely scenario.