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(file format, compression)
A compression standard derived from LZ77; it is reportedly used in zip, gzip, PKZIP, and png, among others.

Unlike LZW, deflate compression does not use patented compression algorithms.

Used as a verb to mean to compress (not decompress!) a file which has been compressed using deflate compression. The opposite, inflate, means to decompress data which has been deflated.

Deflate is described in RFC 1951.
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Over the 1990-2000 period, measured labour productivity in NAICS 334 grew 22.6 per cent per annum on average, and 68 per cent of this growth (15.4 percentage points) was accounted for by the decline in the industry-specific deflator. (21) From 2010 to 2016, in contrast, that deflator declined only 0.68 per cent per year on average, suggesting a dramatic fall in the decline in the rate of improvement of computer and electronic products.
The GDP implicit price deflator deflates the current nominal-dollar value of GDP by the chained-dollar value of GDP.
Economic Calendar26 JUN AU Job VacanciesUK BoE Governor Carney Speaks in London on Financial StabilityUS Personal Spending MayUS PCE Deflator MoM/YoY May
As time passes, the effects of nonmonetary events (velocity) on the GDP deflator fade and the connection between excess-money growth and prices starts to predominate.
The PCE deflator was up only 1.1 percent in the first two quarters of 2013.
Over the past three decades, the implicit net interest rate on Japan's total public debt averaged 1.5 per cent, in comparison to average consumer price inflation of 0.8 percent and average GDP deflator inflation of 0.1 percent.
These tables use the same format and detail as Table 3, Table 4, Based on Department of Defense Price Deflator
''The fall of the GDP deflator tends to give rise to expectations for further continuation of Japan's easy monetary policy and the Japanese government will likely resist any appreciation of the yen,'' said Masafumi Yamamoto, chief foreign exchange strategist at Barclays Bank.
An important distinction between pairing GDP with its deflator and pairing IP with the CPI is the extent to which products in the output index are matched to products in the price index.
When specifying a VEC model with the second difference of DNFD and the first difference of the other variables, under both trend assumptions; changes in Ml, real GDP, and the deflator Granger cause changes in the first difference of DNFD at the 10% level and generally at the 5% level.
These findings provide the basis for our estimation of a vector error-correction model (VECM) to forecast overall core PCE deflator inflation for 2003.
Panel A of figure 2 displays the log of our measure of real marginal cost and inflation measured using the GDP deflator for the sample 1959-2001.