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A plate, baffle, or the like that diverts the flow of a forward-moving stream.



(1) Exhaust equipment installed on the outside end of a pipe (shaft), most frequently in order to remove impure air from various premises and from railroad cars. Sometimes deflectors are used to bring air into premises, for instance, into a ship. A deflector works by using the energy of air (wind) flowing around it. Deflectors are usually made of sheet metal (steel); concrete, asbestoscement mixtures, and other materials are sometimes used. A deflector must be installed in such a way that the wind will always flow around the deflector regardless of the wind direction; the orifice (mouth) of the pipe must be protected from atmospheric precipitation. The most widely used types of deflectors are the TSAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute) and Shanar-Etual’ models.

(2) A device for measurement and elimination of deviation in a magnetic compass.

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The core held the fabric tightly and did not allow the fabric to deflect as much.
The window of opportunity to deflect the asteroid comes much sooner than the potential collision
Environmental engineers discovered cars can deflect polluted air from passing vehicles on to buildings, leaving a clean pocket of fresh air, which can save people from emissions.
If it indicates a pass is on the way, the defender can thrust her hand between the opponent's outstretched arms and deflect the pass.
Much of what is known about the atomic structures of proteins and other biological molecules comes from studies of how crystals of these materials deflect X rays.
After the break Cheltenham made more of a fist of it, although it was the home side who came closest when Craig Dove saw a header deflect off the post.
These latest comments from UEFA should not deflect attention from that reality.
Reyes hit an inswinging free-kick and Raul got a touch on the edge of the six-yard box to deflect the ball into the net.
CALLS for Peter Robinson to stand down are a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from Ulster Unionist splits, Sammy Wilson said yesterday.
Scott Murray pounced in the six-yard box to deflect a Matthew Hill shot past keeper Mark Goodlad in the 31st minute.