deformed reinforcing bar

deformed bar, deformed reinforcing bar

deformed bars
A steel reinforcing bar which is manufactured
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[6] reported that the confinement and bridging effect of hybrid fibers enhanced the bond strength of deformed reinforcing bars embedded in hybrid fiber-reinforced high-performance concrete (HFRHPC) composites when compared to plain high-performance concrete (HPC).
NC-D10-S100 (control specimen), NC-D10-S100-F, and SFRC-D10-S100 were designed according to the minimum shear requirements of ACI 318-14 [30] and composed of 10 mm deformed reinforcing bars (denoted as D10).
Specifically, the geometric standardization of deformed reinforcing bars in ASTM A305-50 resulted in higher allowable stresses with reduced detailing requirements.
The various types of reinforced concrete include poured-in-place with deformed reinforcing bars, precast, pre-stressed, and post-tensioned.
Maekawa, "Path-dependent mechanical model for deformed reinforcing bars at RC interface under coupled cyclic shear and pullout tension," Engineering Structures, vol.