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Starts defrost immediately as offending frost appears on evaporator coils, and ends defrost immediately as frost is gone.
It is possible that the defrost timer will not allow electricity to pass through it to the compressor or heating element.
Casseroles freeze very well but need to defrost slowly, so put them in the fridge hours before reheating.
Only 20 per cent of people defrost their turkey in the ideal place, the fridge; 64 per cent leave it standing out in the kitchen and five per cent put it in the garage or garden shed (this figure rises to nearly 10 per cent in the Midlands).
Master-Bilt's Master Controller with Reverse Cycle Defrost Recognized with Prestigious Food Service Equipment Award
Today is "National Defrost Your Turkey Day" prompting Christmas cooks to start thinking of the defrosting process in plenty of time to avoid getting caught out.
Also, if you're having leftovers from the freezer, defrost the food in the fridge overnight.
During the defrost cycle the total energy input to the evaporator is not solely the heat required to melt the frost.
As input costs for proteins and other raw materials have risen for food processors, there has been an increase in demand for ColdSteam machines, which defrost frozen blocks of beef, poultry or pork in just 10 minutes.
If you have made them ahead and chilled or frozen them, remember to give them 30 minutes out of the fridge or allow them to defrost before cooking.
When you next defrost the freezer the ice will come away much easier.
A PENSIONER was taken to hospital after her fridge-freezer caught fire when candles were put inside to defrost it.