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see DinotheriumDinotherium
[Gr.,=terrible beast], extinct mammal related to the elephant, fossil remains of which have been found in Miocene and Pliocene formations of Africa, Europe, and India.
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Many vertebrates like rhinocerotoids, antharacotherids, proboscideans, carnivores, chalicotheres, deinotheres, bovids, suids, Creodonta, ruminantia, amynodontiae and crocodilians andalso many invertebrates are reported.
Induction of exotic deinotheres, native African folivorous beasts, in Dharmsala Basin of Indian Himalayan region in early Miocene is a potential proxy to the fact that basin was having a well drained thick forest, and thus older levels of the region revealing barrenness indicate a big change in the intervening interval.