delay slot

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This location message leads a way to calculate the delay slot value in receiver node level.
The node which receives a broadcast message, it calculates the delay slot based on equation (4).
The delay computed by equation (4) guarantees that, no nodes can have the same delay slot based on the assumption in the network model.
It is known that delay slot of any two nodes cannot be the same because [absolute value of [sr.
n]} receives a location message & calculates its delay slot [[delta].
For the parameter settings in our proposed protocol, the delay slot ([[delta].
Branch delay slots also introduce a restart problem if the instruction in the delay slot faults--one restart program counter is needed for the delay slot and another one for the actual branch target.
2) Thus, the Alpha AXP architecture has no condition codes, no global exception enables, no multiplier-quotient or string registers, no branch delay slots, no suppressed instructions or skips, no precise arithmetic exceptions, and no single-byte writes to memory.