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The Curzon Street goods depot had already had a severe fire: New Street Station signal box had a direct hit and was destroyed, the goods depot at Suffolk Street was hit twice in three nights and three policemen were hurled to the ground and slightly hurt when a delayed action bomb in the goods yard exploded.
After the ''all-clear'' in the early hours of the morning, several were taking a well-earned rest in the entrance hall when a delayed action bomb exploded.
Married Rowland Thomas Harman, aged 60, from Solihull, was killed when a delayed action bomb dropped on the city exploded in Kenelm Road, Small Heath, in April 1941.
The Germans dropped over 100 high explosive bombs, several delayed action bombs and hundreds of incendiaries.
The positions of known delayed action bombs are marked by red flags at a reasonably, but not guaranteed, safe distance therefrom.
The civilians were advised to stay away because of delayed action bombs.
He remembers the November Blitz, when severe damage to the factory and the presence of delayed action bombs caused production to come to a complete standstill for a week.
These were caused by the first delayed action bombs that were dropped by the Luftwaffe, which were unknown during this time.
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