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1. Archaic a person who fails in an obligation or duty
2. guilty of an offence or misdeed, esp one of a minor nature
3. failing in or neglectful of duty or obligation
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in British and American law, a person who has not fulfilled an obligation imposed on him by law or contract; a person who has committed a violation or who has perpetrated a crime. The above meanings are the sources of the terms “delinquency” (a violation or crime) and “delinquent” (nonperformance of an obligation; for example, a tax not paid on time). In British legislation and in administrative-judicial practice, delinquents are minors whose behavior makes necessary the application of various measures of corrective influence provided by the criminal law or special legislation on youth, such as placement in correctional training institutions.


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Based on the records of the Realty Tax Division, the city has published notices for around 2,288 delinquent taxpayers in the newspapers since 2018.
Councilor Raymond S, Arguelles, Ways and Means Committee chairman and author of the amnesty ordinance, said the delinquents owed the city government over P1.3 billion in back accounts.
Persistent Exposure to Non-Performing Assets and Special Collections Activities: As of September 2018, +90-days delinquent loans represent 14.1% of the securitized original loan balance and 49.5% of the aggregate outstanding balance.
Dominguez III, as saying that about 1.4 million private workers would get the chance to have their unpaid contributions completed by delinquent employers.
* The state may suspend the delinquent taxpayer's driver's license until the tax bill is resolved.
Psychiatrists usually diagnose the delinquent behaviours as part of conduct disorder or antisocial personality disorder.
Believing juvenile delinquents are no longer deterred from committing violent crimes because they are aware of the apparent leniency of the juvenile law, hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens have petitioned the government to revise the law in favour of harsher punishments.
In New York, the top four counties that account for 60 percent of all severely delinquent (greater than six years) cases are Suffolk, Kings, Nassau and Queens, according to the Mortgage Monitor report.
There are currently $28.4 billion in delinquent loans.
Self Reported Delinquency Scale (SRDS) (Naqvi and Kamal, 2007) was used to measure delinquent tendencies among adolescents.
A delinquent child can spoil 150 others in his/her circle while 89 per cent of deviant children are emotionally neglected, according to a top professor here.