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1. Archaic a person who fails in an obligation or duty
2. guilty of an offence or misdeed, esp one of a minor nature
3. failing in or neglectful of duty or obligation



in British and American law, a person who has not fulfilled an obligation imposed on him by law or contract; a person who has committed a violation or who has perpetrated a crime. The above meanings are the sources of the terms “delinquency” (a violation or crime) and “delinquent” (nonperformance of an obligation; for example, a tax not paid on time). In British legislation and in administrative-judicial practice, delinquents are minors whose behavior makes necessary the application of various measures of corrective influence provided by the criminal law or special legislation on youth, such as placement in correctional training institutions.


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Psychiatrists usually diagnose the delinquent behaviours as part of conduct disorder or antisocial personality disorder.
This is a result of our cleaning up and improvement of the record-keeping of our delinquent accounts.
The largest delinquent office loan remains Brickell Avenue's Rivergate Plaza, which is now REO on a $58 million loan.
Seriously delinquent inventories have also grown rapidly, both as a result of moratoria as well as unprecedented home-retention efforts that have forestalled foreclosure starts.
A more informative indicator of seriously delinquent mortgages would be local unemployment rates.
2001) compared the intelligence of males with early onset delinquent behavior to males with late onset delinquent behavior and found no significant difference.
Eighty percent of all acts were committed by the 25% of young people who reported committing 10 or more delinquent acts.
Within their peer groups, some adolescent boys amplify their delinquent tendencies through fevered, one-on-one exchanges.
The delinquent tax and assessment issue revolves around bonds sold in 1989 and 1990 to finance $63.
90-day delinquency: If an IDR response is more than 90 calendar days delinquent, a joint status meeting should be held, involving the territory manager, examiner, the taxpayer's senior tax officer and the taxpayer's representative, to try to resolve the open issues.
Delinquent behavior by African-American male adolescents is of special concern to society due to their overrepresentation in juvenile detention centers and adult prisons, morbidity and mortality statistics, and reports of academic underachievement (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2000; National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2000; National Center for Health Statistics [NCHS], 2000; Snyder & Sickmund, 1999).
Imagine it's September and a CPA is hired by an attorney to prepare delinquent 1999, 2000 and 2001 federal income tax returns for Del, a California resident.