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1. proof or evidence leading to proof
2. a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc.
3. Maths a logical presentation of the assumptions and equations used in solving a problem or proving a theorem



(1) A procession, meeting, or other forms of expression of popular sentiments by the masses.

(2) A visual method of acquainting an audience with a phenomenon or object, such as a classroom demonstration of model animals and chemical reactions.

(3) Threatening acts by a state. Figuratively, deliberately accentuated, provocative behavior.

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Also showing EI-Exis S series hybrid-electric presses in a high-speed 420-ton model making yogurt cups in a 12x12-cavity stack mold at 14,400 parts/hr; and in a 200-ton model demonstrating new multi-component option.
Demonstrating a robot cell in which the new M-l6iB/T rail-mounted, 6-axis jointed-arm robot simulates parts removal from a press.
Cestel, the leading Spanish provider of telecommunications, ITsolutions and 3G RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms, will be demonstrating Cestel's iGATE solution to video enable legacy 2G IVR applications and 3GWeb SCE - service creation environment to deliver dynamic multimedia web content to 3G video handsets in real time.
Sigma will also be demonstrating the first-ever high definition IP Multicasting using ultra-wideband (UWB) over an extended range.
net) will be demonstrating its suite of variable document design and approval and web services software solutions at the Gilbane Conference in booth 137.
In addition to previewing a 10 GbE SAN, Intransa will also be demonstrating an IBM Blade Center running Intransa StorControl to manage Intransa's newly announced Value-Line product, the Intransa IP2000.
Some companies showing SMASH capabilities include Avocent, which will be demonstrating a SMASH Server Management (SM) Command Line Protocol (CLP) Gateway prototype for translation service between different server interfaces; Dell which will demonstrate the SMASH SM CLP in its PowerEdge 1850 servers using a Dell Remote Access Card 4 (DRAC4); HP, which will demonstrate the SMASH SM CLP in its ProLiant DL 360 server and ProLiant DL145 server; and Peppercon, a Raritan company, which will show SMASH functionality on an Open Platform Management Architecture (OPMA)/M3-module demo system.
At Print 05, Canon will be one of the few technology leaders on-site demonstrating a complete line of customizable and bundled solutions - from scanning through document production - that promote a truly cost-effective, secure and optimal flow of information," said Tod Pike, senior vice president, Imaging Systems Group, Canon U.
Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG)(AEX:PHI) today announced that it will be demonstrating a range of new products that promote sense and simplicity for the Connected Consumer on the move at IFA 2005 (Berlin, 2-7 September).
Demonstrating its commitment to the Connected Consumer, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG) (AEX:PHI) today announced a series of new semiconductor solutions for advanced consumer electronics applications in the home.
The Consortium aspires to help reduce the historical development gap between the OEM and Tier One suppliers by demonstrating advancements in new technologies to accelerate adaptation by major OEMs.