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1. proof or evidence leading to proof
2. a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc.
3. Maths a logical presentation of the assumptions and equations used in solving a problem or proving a theorem



(1) A procession, meeting, or other forms of expression of popular sentiments by the masses.

(2) A visual method of acquainting an audience with a phenomenon or object, such as a classroom demonstration of model animals and chemical reactions.

(3) Threatening acts by a state. Figuratively, deliberately accentuated, provocative behavior.

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Demonstrating that authorities are identifying cash couriers and enforcing controls on illicit movement of currency and understanding the risk of cash couriers being used for TF.
8) Demonstrating effective implementation of targeted financial sanctions against all 1267 and 1373 designated terrorists and those acting for or on their behalf, including preventing the raising and moving of funds, identifying and freezing assets (movable and immovable), and prohibiting access to funds and financial services
Demonstrating model MR-103 side-entry, high-speed robot for small presses.
Avexa intends to differentiate SPD754 from other marketed NTRis in the marketplace by conducting a Phase IIb trial which is focused on demonstrating the effectiveness of SPD754 in patients that have shown resistance to therapy with 3TC.
In addition to benefiting the environment, we have been able to reduce our overall disposal costs, demonstrating that green practices can also be good business practices.
It will act as a node in the converged IP/MPLS core, demonstrating rerouting around simulated failures in the core optical network using MPLS fast re-route techniques.
It was no small feat for Meyners and Co.'s leadership to offer employees nonstop support and guidance while both management and staff refined the firm's core values and worked out what behaviors demonstrating them would consist of at different levels of the workplace hierarchy.
was not precisely making race in America." Finally, Guterl is deeply attuned to the ways that new conceptions of race were articulated to new conceptions of gender, demonstrating that Grant's, Cohalan's, and Toomer's new racial selves relied upon a hyper-masculinist, patriarchal ideal rife with homoerotic overtones.
These results confirm and extend an earlier study demonstrating a weak carcinogenic effect in rats exposed to PBBs during gestation (Groce and Kimbrough 1984).
HLA-restricted CD8 responses were generated against all 32 open reading frames encoded by the multi-plasmid genetic vaccine demonstrating that a broad repertoire of human relevant CD8 responses are provoked by this vaccine.
The way we establish a societal norm is by teaching and demonstrating the same six values so that kids hear and see these values everywhere they go.
The success was nevertheless astounding, as physicians both homeopathic and conventional attested, demonstrating the truth of the law he had discovered.