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1. proof or evidence leading to proof
2. a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc.
3. Maths a logical presentation of the assumptions and equations used in solving a problem or proving a theorem



(1) A procession, meeting, or other forms of expression of popular sentiments by the masses.

(2) A visual method of acquainting an audience with a phenomenon or object, such as a classroom demonstration of model animals and chemical reactions.

(3) Threatening acts by a state. Figuratively, deliberately accentuated, provocative behavior.

References in classic literature ?
They made rapid converts of unbelievers, demonstrating the soundness of my doctrines by their prompt results.
Tell me," Hamel asked, after they had walked for some distance in silence, "exactly why is our fleet demonstrating to such an extent?
To make this plain by an example, suppose a geometrician is demonstrating the method of cutting a line in two equal parts.
Then the colonel, who began to show signs of feebleness, sat down on a bench in the courtyard and began demonstrating to Yashvin the superiority of Russia over Poland, especially in cavalry attack, and there was a lull in the revelry for a moment.
Or so--like Lyons sausage,' said John Baptist, demonstrating the various cuts on the bread he held, and soberly chewing what he had in his mouth.
They were always in a hurry, and yet seemed to have nothing tangible to do; except a few of them (these, mostly asthmatic and thick-lipped) who were for ever demonstrating to the rest, with gold pencil-cases which they could hardly hold because of the big rings on their forefingers, how money was to be made.
returned Bob Sawyer, stepping out into the shop, and demonstrating the veracity of the assertion by divers hard pulls at the little gilt knobs on the counterfeit drawers.
Demonstrating Results: Using Outcome Measurement In Your Library by independent library consultant Rhea Joyce Rubin has as its primary focus library evaluations through outcome measurement.
Also demonstrating AEXTI series and AEV series robots, as well as AE-YS and AE-ST series sprue pickers.
Demonstrating boat-handling skills for the additional craft for which the candidate seeks authorization.
Bennett demonstrates how actors, critics, directors, audiences and even theatre spaces can contribute to an "obsessive valorization of the past" (65), Bennett then explores twelve productions of King Lear, demonstrating how contemporary productions of Shakespeare are often based on the assumption that what we feel and think today is "just like the Elizabethans.
The PW4084 exceeded the FAA requirements by 40 percent, demonstrating safe and reliable operation during a rainfall rate of 28 inches per hour.