demountable partition

demountable partition, relocatable partition

demountable partitions
A nonload-bearing partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed,
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In eight years Treforest-based Albion has transformed itself from being primarily a storage system company to an office interiors company specialising in the design and installation of suspended ceilings, dry lining, demountable partition and decoration work while offering full turnkey packages.
One wall plate was surface-mounted in all areas that had demountable partition units, or "uniwall construction."
Contract Awarded for Teknion Demountable Partition Walls
Work includes; selective demolition and disposal of existing interior demountable partition walls, flooring and ceilings; and the installation of new metal stud and drywall partitions with sound batt insulation, new ceiling and flooring installation; and improvements to office electrical convenience and data outlets.
One of the distinct challenges faced, was meshing Amtrak's traditional look and feel, which ensures respect for the corporate hierarchy, with the adaptable functionality of a demountable partition solution.
The architecture emphasizes flexibility, too; for example, demountable partitions frame a counseling suite that can be reconfigured economically in the future.
Where desired, new rooms or divisions of space were created through the use of demountable partitions that will also allow for flexibility and adaptability to meet the library's future needs.
Their products and services include commercial drywall, acoustical ceilings, operable & accordion partitions, temporary and demountable partitions, light gauge framing & trusses and EIFS.
Demountable partitions, on the other hand, are essentially walls that can be removed in sections.
Other activities include trading in products such as wall-coverings and interior-related materials, interior turnkey contracting, design solutions for offices and retail facilities, project management, gypsum partition and ceiling works, wooden demountable partitions, lighting, commercial painting, various types of flooring, plumbing, and electromechanical services.
The full office renovation included many specialty finishes such as custom office fronts, demountable partitions, and sound attenuation.