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1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii



an ancient Roman silver coin consisting of ten asses. It was first minted in 269 B.C. and contained 4.55 g of pure silver. A number of countries that had close trade ties with ancient Rome, such as the lands occupied by presentday Iraq and Yugoslavia, still retain monetary units derived from the Roman denarius.

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Suppose Smith is a modern-day collector of denarii issued by Nero.
However, they also looked to the future and the new Ptolemaic Empire that they were in the process of creating by utilising either familiar symbols in a new way, or entirely new symbols in a familiar way; one example of this is found in the series of silver denarii and tetradrachms issued after the Donations of Alexandria which bear Cleopatra and the legend REGINAE REGVM FILIORVM REGVM CLEOPATRAE on the obverse and Antonius and the legend ANTONI ARMENIA DEVICTA on the reverse.
However, this same servant took no pity on someone who owed him the tiny (by comparison) sum of 100 denarii (6,0 denarii equalled one talent).
A Roman pot containing 1,146 silver denarii coins was found by a metal detector in a field in Edge Hill in the county in 2008.
Well I couldnae mind and nae wonder, as it's Latin for librae, solidi, denarii.
Gladiators are available for purchase on the Facebook Spartacus: Gods of the Arena social game with the currency of the day: denarii.
20 a gallon for petrol and by default one or two denarii more for diesel.
Imagine finding a jar full of old coins buried in the yard, and tossing them out because Italy (Rome) doesn't issue denarii anymore
He recently commented: 'I am not antiantoniniani, but my interests lie primarily with denarii, sestertii, and the gold aurei and solidi.
The 1,141 silver Denarii coins, the earliest dating from 206-195BC, were discovered in Stratford, Warwickshire, in July last year.
Amateur metal detecting enthusiast Keith Bennett stumbled upon 1,141 Roman denarii, or silver coins, in farmer Peter Turner's field, near Stratford, last July.