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1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii
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an ancient Roman silver coin consisting of ten asses. It was first minted in 269 B.C. and contained 4.55 g of pure silver. A number of countries that had close trade ties with ancient Rome, such as the lands occupied by presentday Iraq and Yugoslavia, still retain monetary units derived from the Roman denarius.

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15 December 2014 - US-based consulting firm Mercer announced has acquired Chile-based compensation and benefits survey and information products consulting firm Denarius, the firm said on Monday.
(13) 85 BC a denarius of Lucius Julius Bursio (RRC 352.1a = BM Coins, Rom.
With Montana leading 12-0 at halftime, Montana State gave a Bobcat Stadium-record crowd of 20,247 a flicker of hope when DeNarius McGhee connected with Oregon transfer Elvis Akpla on a seven-yard pass with 14:07 left in the third quarter.
The 146 silver denarius (ancient Roman) coins were discovered by a metal detector enthusiast in 2008, and were hidden inside a small clay pot.
Montana State University quartertback DeNarius McGhee was the national Freshman of the Year, the Big Sky Offensive MVP and a first-team All-Big Sky selection.
CASH J CROP Dave Crisp shows off hoard in Frome and, above, a silver Carausius denarius coin
Jeff Grant tells about a word among coins: "I was having a conversation with an old numismatist friend, Professor Dupondius, who collects Roman coins, such as the aureus, sestertius, solidus and antoninianus (double denarius).
The coin, a denarius, was identified at Harborough Museum, where it is on display, after it was unearthed in 2000.
Boccolini introduced himself as a senior executive with a company called Denarius, which he claimed could handle big housing projects, of thousands of apartments.
Their conclusion was based on Cleopatra's depiction on a Roman denarius coin which shows her as a sharp-nosed, thin-lipped woman with a protruding chin.
In turn, these businessmen were given carte blanche to raise money by charging a poll tax--basically an existence tax--of one denarius a year on females between the ages of 12 and 65 and males over the age of 14.