dengue fever

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dengue fever

(dĕng`gē, –gā), acute infectious disease caused by four closely related viruses and transmitted by the bite of the female Aedes mosquito; it is also known as breakbone fever and bone-crusher disease. The disease occurs in both epidemic and sporadic form in warm climates (S United States, South America, the E Mediterranean countries, India, and especially SE Asia and the W Pacific). The classic symptoms, following an incubation period of five to eight days, are high fever, chills, severe headache, pain in the joints, pain behind the eyes, rash, sweating, and prostration, but infected persons may experience milder symptoms. Symptoms subside in two to four days, but after a remission lasting from a few hours to two days there is another rise in temperature, and a generalized rash appears. Convalescence is sometimes prolonged, with weakness and low blood pressure.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever, a severe form of the disease, can cause hemorrhage, shock, and encephalitis. It can occur when a person who has acquired immunity to one of the viruses that cause dengue fever is infected by a different dengue virus; antibodies to the first dengue infection apparently work to aid the second virus. It is a leading cause of death among children in Southeast Asia and in recent years has become increasingly prevalent in tropical America. There is no specific treatment for dengue fever except good nursing care. Both diseases can be controlled by eradicating the mosquitoes and destroying their breeding places; the mosquito population also has been controlled through the release of sterile male mosquitoes.

Dengue fever

[′deŋ·gē ‚fēv·ər]
An infection borne by the Aedes female mosquito, and caused by one of four closely related but antigenically distinct Dengue virus serotypes (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4). It starts abruptly after an incubation period of 2-7 days with high fever, severe headache, myalgia, and rash. It is found throughout the tropical and subtropical zones. Also known as break-bone fever.
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He noted that such an increase in victims of dengue fever reflects the declining health situation and poor health services that do a disservice to Yemen's poor, who are the majority of its population.
Dengue Fever is mosquito borne and is starting to spread into the southwestern United States.
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Dengue Fever can be tested for by two methods, the Test Cassette and the Elisa Test, according to Dr.
The health department stated that danger of dengue fever outbreak will continue during the month of November, but the number of cases will start to decrease with the fall of the winter season.
This result shows that Cambodian people are well-aware of how to prevent themselves from dengue fever and timely send their sick children to hospitals for medical treatments," he said.
Earlier this week the Minister for Health and Medical Services announced significant high cases of dengue fever in the Northern Division and pointed out the need for Fijians to take basic precautionary measures.
To the Editor: Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease caused by dengue virus, can be asymptomatic or result in a variety of clinical manifestations, including fever, headache, myalgia, arthralgia, and rash (1).
The Center for Disease Control of Taiwan urged the public to be on high alert against dengue fever as an increasing number of cases are being reported this year, the Focus Taiwan reported.
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