denial-of-service attack

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denial-of-service attack

An assault on a network that floods it with so many requests that regular traffic is either slowed or completely interrupted. Unlike a virus or worm, which can cause severe damage to databases, a denial of service attack interrupts network service for some period.

Distributed Attack
A distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack can employ hundreds or even thousands of computers that have been previously infected. The computers act as a network of "zombies" working together to send out bogus messages, thereby creating huge volumes of phony traffic.

In 2016, the Dyn DNS system was hammered by a DDOS attack that caused sporadic slowdowns of major sites such as Twitter, Netflix and The New York Times. The zombie traffic reached more than 100 gigabytes per second of bogus messages. See botnet, smurf attack, SYN flood attack, land attack, teardrop attack and Ping of Death.

It's Not a New Phenomenon
In February 2000, computers were activated that had been previously hacked and planted with illicit programs. The unending number of requests caused a denial of service at Yahoo!, eBay, and other websites. (Article headline courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer.)
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A distributed denial-of-service attack occurs when the Web traffic from millions of computers is hijacked and directed at a single target, forcing it offline.
Denial-of-service attacks, in which malicious actors use massive volumes of network traffic to overwhelm the resources of a targeted network or site domain, are increasing in frequency.
Denial-of-service attacks overwhelm a server with traffic ...
Validian Corp.(OTCQB:VLDI), Ottawa,a developer of world class software based solutions for the management and protection of digital information, data and assets, is issuing the third of three news releases explaining how Validian could prevent, not just detect, the recent onslaught of well publicized Cyber Attacks, including theft of stored digital keys, hacking and denial-of-service attacks.
Sony didn't go into any additional details as to what that "external intrusion" might have been, but unverified reports suggest that a denial-of-service attack targeted the primary PlayStation Network server.
In a typical denial-of-service attack, remote computers commandeered by rogue programs bombard a website with so many data packets that it becomes overwhelmed and unavailable to visitors.
The statement said the hacking type was a DDOS attack (distributed denial-of-service attack).
Such cooperation may have already happened when there was a massive denial-of-service attack on the Israeli civil defense system as forces prepared to invade the Gaza Strip last year.
* In April and May 2008, Russian hackers believed not to be directly employed by the Moscow government subjected Estonia to a nationwide denial-of-service attack that effectively shut down the country's access to the Internet, with substantial economic impact.
Less than a week after Twitter was shuttered by a highly publicized distributed denial-of-service attack, the microblogging site was hit by hackers again.<p>This time, however, Twitter stood up much better to the attack, only going down for about 30 minutes, about 90 minutes less than last week, the company said in a blog post.