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denticulated, denticular

Ornamented with dentils.
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The S elements display considerable variation, but all have a tall distinct, gently tapering cusp and a denticulated posterior process.
1, 3), with three prolateral and four (two large and two small) retrolateral teeth; cheliceral furrow not denticulated.
Often the backing retouch appears to be denticulated or notched.
Depending on the preservation of the specimen, the flaring collarette surrounding the aperture is perforated or denticulated.
The espatulate unicinal teeth with denticulated blade inwardly curved (Fig.
The proavus-evae time was characterized by highly variable simple-cone conodonts (Paroistodus, Paltodus, Acodus, Drepanodus, Drepanoistodus, Oistodus, Scolopodus) and by the appearance of new, more complicated types of apparatus in which elements have denticulated processes (Prioniodus, Oepikodus, Periodon, Trapezognathus) (Fig.