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, dentin
the calcified tissue surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth and comprising the bulk of the tooth



a variety of tooth tissue that makes up the principal mass of the tooth and is also found in placoid scale.

In contrast to other types of bone, the principal matter of dentin does not contain cavities with cells but is penetrated with tubules, in which are located processes called odonto-blasts (Tomes’ fibers), which are on the periphery of the basic matter. This matter consists of a network of collagen fibers, which form a more compact layer around the tubules and an interfibral amorphous substance. The dentin of the teeth of an adult human being contains about 28 percent organic matter, about 64 percent inorganic matter, and about 8 percent water. A variety of dentin is substitute dentin, or vasodentin; it is usually in the teeth and scales of fish. Its basic matter is penetrated with blood capillaries and contains cellular elements; there are no tubules.


A bonelike tissue composing the bulk of a vertebrate tooth; consists of 70% inorganic materials and 30% water and organic matter.
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In Group 1, the exposed dentin surfaces were conditioned with GC cavity conditioner for a duration of 10 s, washed and air dried but not desiccated.
A slightly different role is played by progenitor cells originating from the apical papilla, which serve as the source of primary odontoblasts with the capacity for producing primary root dentin [17].
One of the most important properties that permanent obturation cements must possess is viscosity (the fluidity) of the material, in order to fill in the space between the gutta-percha and the dentin walls better, and be able to reach and fill in all the irregularities of the canal space and to obturate the holes of the lateral and the accessory canals [6].
A recent clinical trial showed that 8% Arginine along with calcium carbonate produces immediate and lasting relief in dentin hypersensitivity.
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The posts were cut to appropriate lengths to produce an assembly of posts being 8mm in the root canal, 2mm of ferrule and 3mm above the prepared coronal dentin.
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This neoplasm is similar to lesions in human and primarily composed of loose connective tissue matrix containing strands of odontogenic epithelium and immature tooth structures, including enamel and dentin (Chang et al.
Silver diamine fluoride presents a noninvasive option for caries arrest and treatment when applied directly to dentin caries lesions
The effect of erosion on the resin-to-enamel bond has not been investigated; however, results concerning the long-term efficacy of bonding to eroded dentin are contradictory when examined in terms of bond strength (9,10).
Dentin surfaces irradiated by Er:YAG laser were irregular, scaly, or flaky and dentinal tubules were opened without smear layer, cracked or melted; whereas protrusion of peritubular dentin was revealed due to its less amount of water compared with intertubular dentin.