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, dentin
the calcified tissue surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth and comprising the bulk of the tooth



a variety of tooth tissue that makes up the principal mass of the tooth and is also found in placoid scale.

In contrast to other types of bone, the principal matter of dentin does not contain cavities with cells but is penetrated with tubules, in which are located processes called odonto-blasts (Tomes’ fibers), which are on the periphery of the basic matter. This matter consists of a network of collagen fibers, which form a more compact layer around the tubules and an interfibral amorphous substance. The dentin of the teeth of an adult human being contains about 28 percent organic matter, about 64 percent inorganic matter, and about 8 percent water. A variety of dentin is substitute dentin, or vasodentin; it is usually in the teeth and scales of fish. Its basic matter is penetrated with blood capillaries and contains cellular elements; there are no tubules.


A bonelike tissue composing the bulk of a vertebrate tooth; consists of 70% inorganic materials and 30% water and organic matter.
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The group I specimens (File Eze-1 minute) dentinal microhardness was reduced by 18% compared to the Group II specimens (Indigenous gel-1 minute) whose microhardness reduced by 11%.
Ademas, las mayores dimensiones de tejido dentinal que se encontraron en este sentido, en las cuales el operador experto genera una mayor presion a la hora de hacer los movimientos de cepillado y picoteo para poder llegar posteriormente a toda la longitud de trabajo, tambien puede explicar esta ligera tendencia.
This phenomenon could be explained by the adsorption of CHX to the dentin surface which is in favor of resin infiltration at the dentinal tubules.
Paris et al (2007) (18) analyzed the penetration capacity of five dentinal adhesives and fissure sealants available in the market on artificial early lesions of bovine enamel, finding out a greater penetration coefficient in the materials containing ethanol (20%) as agent, as well as TEGDMA and HEMA, which matches the components of the adhesives used in the present study.
The erbium laser, being able to fuse and seal the dentinal tubules (to depths of up to 4pm), can reduce dentinal hypersensitivity, associated with trauma, by reducing the fluid permeability of the tissue.
When dentinal caries alone was considered (classification 3), detection of caries of any depth was 1585/2441 for a sensitivity of 64.
When the exposed dentin comes in contact with cold, sweet or acidic foods or drinks, the fluid in the dentinal tubules can move and irritate nerve endings, causing acute pain.
3 Gingival recession, pocket formation, abrasion, erosion, attrition, abfraction, overzealous tooth brushing and periodontal procedures are common possible causative factors which often result in the exposure of dentinal tubules and ultimately lead to DH.
An important objective in root canal treatment is the removal of pulp tissue and dentinal debris from the root canal system.
The XP-endoAaAaAeAa Shaper Plus sequence, launched by leading Swiss endodont firm FKG Dentaire SA, solves a common problem for dentists: how to treat complex root canal systems without causing damage to the dentinal structure.
When teeth begin to lose minerals, dentinal fluid from within the tooth percolates through the breached enamel site and enables the ECD to complete its electrical circuit.
These remnants may obstruct the dentinal tubules preventing the penetration of tubules by the sealer and thereby compromising the quality of seal provided by the root canal filling.