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a person qualified to practise dentistry
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What does it mean when you dream about a dentist?

Owning to childhood associations, dentists in dreams often symbolize anxiety and fear of pain. They represent the principle of inflicting pain “for your own good.” The primary activity of dentistry is drilling and removing decayed matter, and replacing it with new dental material an activity that, in a dream, may be a metaphor for other situations in one’s life.

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"But I am neither a doctor nor a dentist," said Miss Leeson, with a shiver.
Parker gave her the incredulous, pitying, sneering, icy stare that she kept for those who failed to qualify as doctors or dentists, and led the way to the second floor back.
The operator had married the daughter of a dentist who was the youngest of three sisters.
His teeth were white and regular--so sound that he had never been to a dentist in his life.
She flashed a smile at me, and, protesting an engagement with her dentist, jauntily walked on.
I also cut Irene's wings (so to speak) by taking her to a dentist.
We are like a dentist whose work suffers because he is afraid of hurting his patient."
Some day, when I meet a dentist with a pair of forceps, I'm going to have it pulled."
With a long, weary hoist the jaw is dragged on board, as if it were an anchor; and when the proper time comes --some few days after the other work --Queequeg, Daggoo, and Tashtego, being all accomplished dentists, are set to drawing teeth.
In my jaw are cunning artifices of the dentists which replace the parts of me already gone.
PARENTS are being urged to take their babies to the dentist as soon as they can smile.
Warwickshire's director of public health, Helen King, said: "While some parents may wonder why their baby needs to attend the dentist when they may not even have their first teeth, it is important to sethealthy habitsfrom an early age and show children that the dentist is not something to be feared or avoided.