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General wearing away of the land; laying bare of subjacent lands.



the sum total of the processes of ablation and transportation (by water, wind, ice, or the direct action of the force of gravity) of disintegrated rock into subsided areas of the earth’s surface, where these products accumulate.

Tectonic movements have a great effect upon the rate and character of denudation. The direction of topographic development depends on the relationship between denudation and the movements of the earth’s crust. When the processes of disintegration and denudation predominate over the effect of a structural high, there is a gradual lowering of the absolute and relative elevations and a general leveling of the relief. As a result of the protracted predominance of denudation processes, entire highlands can be turned into rolling denuded plains (peneplains). Other denuded surfaces, such as pediments, pediplains, and piedmont steps are also the consequence of denudation. To a certain extent the intensity of denudation can be judged from the amount of drift carried away by rivers (up to several thousand tons a year). The term “denudation” is also sometimes used in a narrower sense to signify the processes of ablation (removal) of the products of erosion solely by planar washout.

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With the most intense tectonism towards the end of the tectonic cycle, the northern margin of the Jiangnan-Xuefeng belt was the first to experience uplifting and denudation, folding, fracture and magmatism [3].
Melting of the polar ice caps, the global oceans dynamics, various weather systems, water transport, soil erosion and denudation, magma transport and manufacturing of nano-materials, improving casting processes, energetic studies, exploitation of natural resources, welding, casting and advanced solidifications are typical contemporary examples where multiphase systems play an important role.
This means that "naked corporeality" preexists the clothing of glory, and is merely made visible by the denudation of sin.
19) The American space can induce an oppressive, possibly agrophobic denudation of one's actual size.
Furthermore, they presented their estimation on the annual silt load from the Karnali catchments area at the rate of 75 millions-m3 tones equivalent to a denudation rate of 1.
Podocytopenia results in denudation of the basement membrane that compromises glomerular function to initiate a cycle of injury and continued podocyte loss> leading to progressive renal failure.
The histological study showed the presence of focal ducts lined with cuboidal epithelium without atypia, located in areas of urothelial denudation (Fig.
This problem of conservatism - and the lack of the ability to think creatively - is likely to be related to the denudation of resources, especially that of activists.
Patients with acute coronary syndromes (within last 2 months) considering the factthat acute thrombosis and/or endothelial denudation might have overestimated the exact atherosclerotic burden, acute renal failure, and those taking nephrotoxic drugs for any reason (cyclosporin, high dose nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) were not included into study.
In a rabbit endothelial denudation model, qPCR analysis of endothelial marker expression indicated that the Genous Stent significantly promotes re-endothelialization at seven days compared to BMS.
At one time the sides of raised beds created for this purpose were constructed from blocks of peat, these now largely replaced by stone because of the denudation of peat resources.