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1. Law obsolete a charge or accusation of crime made by an individual before a public prosecutor or tribunal
2. a formal announcement of the termination of a treaty
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(in international law) the refusal of one party to an international treaty to fulfill the terms of the treaty, which entails its termination. As a rule, the right of denunciation is provided for in the treaty itself, as are the conditions thereof.



(1) A false accusation made against someone.

(2) In Soviet law, testimony by the accused (defendant), victim, or witness that falsely accuses another person of committing a crime.

Unlike a false report, a denunciation can only be made during an interrogation at agencies of preliminary investigation or in court. A denunciation may be made against any person regardless of whether criminal proceedings have been instituted against the person. It may result from a bona fide error (a mistake in evaluating the actions of the person about whom testimony is given or an incorrect interpretation of facts), or it may be testimony known to be false. Only a denunciation known to be false, given by a witness or victim, is punishable.

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Among the lessons that must be learned from this disgraceful episode are: 1) Never trust the Fake News lynch mob; 2) never allow yourself (or those representing you) to be bullied into cowering before the mob; and 3) never join in their deceitful and cowardly denunciations.
The examined forms of resistance range from public denunciation of labour exploitation and labour regulation/contract violations, to work stoppages and strikes.
The denunciations so far submitted to Mexican authorities only result in the narco-criminals having access to personal data, Anonymous says, which they use to assassinate people "with impunity."
Part I reviews the procedural limitations on treaty denunciations, including the obligation to act in good faith, the requirement to provide reasonable notice of an intent to withdraw, and the possibility for a state to offer a justification for its decision to quit a treaty.
Even if this administrator reveres stereotypical "master" teachers who exact conformity through shrill denunciations, hair pulling, exorcisms and wanton acts of wet-noodle flagellation?
Drenched in Christianity, Christ's call to charity sat uncomfortably with laissez-faire political economy and its denunciations of that economy's victims.
The odd introductory denunciations of "[t]otalitarian theorists" (12), "indiscriminate novelty" (11), and "the dismissal of tradition [that] threatens to become an academic orthodoxy" (11) are not subtle enough to define the state of work in the field and, as a result, are not helpful in clarifying what work the book is meant to do within Renaissance studies.
Some of the most thoughtful work here concerns denunciations to the Gestapo, particularly as the public understood that, as the war progressed, punishments became more severe.
This is a defeat for ordinary Indonesians - the people most at risk from footsoldiers in the service of Islamic terrorism who find inspiration in Bashir's denunciations of Australia and the United States - and any Indonesians who are considered collaborators.
Then the venerable Jefferson entered with his caustic denunciations. "Misery is often the parent of the most affecting touches in poetry," Jefferson began in his assessment of Wheatley's poetry.