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The impacts of ocean deoxygenation are difficult to predict in detail.
Li et al., "Deoxygenation of exfoliated graphite oxide under alkaline conditions: a green route to graphene preparation," Advanced Materials, vol.
But now a research team at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has developed for the first time a way to measure how fast deoxygenation occurred in ancient oceans--a technique that may lay the groundwork for projecting how present-day oxygen losses in the ocean may progress in the future.
Leg muscle deoxygenation was measured by the NIRO 200[R] system (Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan).
Inspiratory muscle warm-up attenuates muscle deoxygenation during cycling exercise in women athletes.
Respiratory muscle deoxygenation during exercise in patients with heart failure demonstrated with near-infrared spectroscopy.
It comes after years of legal battles by Fish Legal on behalf of the Seiont, Gwyrfai and Llyfni Angling Society, who had complained of declining fish populations - and the near extinction of the char - with regular algal blooms and water deoxygenation. Regulator Natural Resources Wales (NRW), its predecessor Environment Agency Wales, and Welsh Water had denied for many years that sewage was causing problems in the lake, blaming the regular algal blooms on climate change and other unknown sources of pollution.
Livedo reticularis is typically more violaceous in appearance, with net-like, mottled discolouration of the skin due to deoxygenation and dilation of the venous plexus.
This study also demonstrated that emulsion and admicellar polymerization performed under similar conditions (same surfactant-to-monomer concentration of 1: 10 and M/I value of 1: 1, without deoxygenation) were able to achieve similar polymer molecular weights of approximately 2 x [10.sup.5] g/mol.
As shown in Figure 1(a), GO exhibited a maximum absorption peak at approximately 235 nm ([pi]-[[pi].sup.*] transitions of aromatic C=C bonds), which red shifted to 260 nm for rGO, and the absorption in the whole spectral region increases with reaction time, suggesting that [sp.sup.2] carbon was restored and atoms were possibly rearranged corresponding to deoxygenation of the GO suspension under the reduction processes [18].