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(technology), the ability of an item to maintain its working capacity for a certain time or until the completion of a specified amount of work under given service conditions without forced interruptions. For items that are irreparable or replaceable after the first failure, as well as products for which such failures are intolerable because of safety conditions, the dependability indexes utilized may be, for example, the probability of dependable operation and the failure rate. For reparable products the dependability indexes may be the mean-cycles-between-failures time and the probability of dependable operation.

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Skoda ranked the highest for vehicle dependability with a score of 66 - an even better result than the brand recorded in last year.
The expert group found many standards encompassing the Dependability and Safety domains and it proved difficult to recommend just one set of standards.
This suggests manufacturers have made conscious improvements in the long- term dependability of their vehicles, and therefore, vehicles made more recently are likely to have fewer problems over their lifetime than those that were made even a few years ago," he pointed out.
Overall dependability is determined by the level of problems experienced per 100 vehicles, with a lower score reflecting higher quality.
Jean-Claude Laprie thus first used the term Dependability to encompass these related disciplines in the early 1980 (Wikipeida 2008).
For example, Barrick and Mount (1991) included both dependability and achievement in their definition of conscientiousness, whereas Hough (1992) treated them as separate dimensions.
The TFXP flow measuring system is said to provide unsurpassed accuracy, versatility, ease of installation and dependability.
The new 1U and 2U rack and tower servers from Gateway are designed to provide performance, Lower power consumption, greater dependability, and higher value to the data center than previous models.
The dependability gap between luxury and nonluxury cars is shrinking and American carmakers can take much of the credit.
Dependability is a major concern in software development, deployment, and operation.
Ninety-two percent of women said dependability is a desirable characteristic in an ideal mate.
a developer of software designed for enhancing control, dependability and management of Windows operating systems, has announced availability of Ardence 3.

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