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(technology), the ability of an item to maintain its working capacity for a certain time or until the completion of a specified amount of work under given service conditions without forced interruptions. For items that are irreparable or replaceable after the first failure, as well as products for which such failures are intolerable because of safety conditions, the dependability indexes utilized may be, for example, the probability of dependable operation and the failure rate. For reparable products the dependability indexes may be the mean-cycles-between-failures time and the probability of dependable operation.

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Dependable and Harrison recognized that zero-retention mixers need more time to restart after stopping for hand tucking or other tasks that require a pause in mixer discharge.
"Properly managed brands reflect dependable performance on the expectations of the market.
When providing dependable goods and services is the object of business, the result is usually profit.
Dependable Foundry Equip Co, 12505 S W Herman Rd, PO Box 3210, Tualatin, OR, 97082-3210 tel: 503/692-5552 fax: 503/692-4477
Although most researchers regard the subterranean waterworks as the products of early, error-prone engineers and construction workers, a new analysis indicates that residents of the holy city skillfully altered a natural network of underground channels and tunnels to ensure a dependable water supply.
Mayfield Heights, OH, October 17, 2016 --( KEENE Building Products and Dependable would like to announce the addition to the portfolio of companies owned by KEENE Family Holdings.
International conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (37th: 2006: Edinburgh, UK)
This line of water TCUs is said to be ideal for processors who need a dependable unit at an affordable price, according to the company.
"Our electricity procurement program underscores Jones Lang LaSalle's commitment to bring our clients reliable electricity in a cost-effective, dependable manner," said Gary Graham, vice president of Jones Lang LaSalle's Energy Advisory Services Group.

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