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It is not completely clear whether the "at risk" rule will ever operate to disallow the deduction of percentage depletion. Some authorities suggest that percentage depletion is deductible regardless of an individual's amount at risk.
An upper sustainability constraint on resource depletion ensures lack of resource over-depletion beyond the socially efficient rate, and a lower sustainability constraint ensures availability of critically needed input resources for an efficient production level.
If there were a simple, reliable way to evaluate mtDNA depletion, specific genes could be selected for sequence-based testing.
They compare coupled carbon-climate models with and without ozone depletion and find that including ozone depletion produced a significant reduction in Southern Ocean carbon uptake, in good agreement with observed trends.
Biopsy samples obtained from the gut and respiratory mucosa during chronic infection demonstrated profound mucosal CD4 T cell depletion in all SIV-infected animals, at levels similar to those described in the context of HIV infection.
What causes red blood cell depletion? Excessive bleeding such as chronic, low-level GI bleeding can account for it.
If soil depletion continues at the same rate, yields will decline by 30 percent in the next 15 years.
Between July 1, 2005, and June 30, 2007, the GEF approved one new effort--a medium-size project in the ozone depletion focal area.
Modernity, Pinchbeck argues, is inherently doomed and deserves to be doomed for playing into the detestable human urges of atomistic individualism and ugly greed; it has led to global warming, irreversible and tragic forest depletion, and a rapidly hastening loss of all the resources on which life depends.
The oil depletion protocol; a plan to avert oil wars, terrorism and economic collapse.
THE OIL DEPLETION PROTOCAL: A PLAN TO AVERT OIL WARS, TERRORISM AND ECONOMIC COLLAPSE does more than the usual charting of a known problem: it offers up solutions, reviewing data on peak oil production and describing an accord where nations would voluntarily reduce their production and imparts by an agreed-upon formula to enable energy transition planning and ultimately more stable prices.
But environmental accounting suggests that once you account for the depletion of the natural resources and wear and tear on produced capital goods such as buildings and machinery, the rate of creation of new wealth in net terms might be negative.