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The removal or prevention of polarization in a substance (for example, through the use of a depolarizer in an electric cell) or of polarization arising from the field due to the charges induced on the surface of a dielectric when an external field is applied.
The resolution of polarized light in an optical depolarizer.



the decrease in the difference in potentials during the resting state (so-called resting potential) between the internal and external sides of the membrane of a living cell. In nerve cells and their processes, as well as in muscle fibers, depolarization is one of the most important components of the process of excitation. Stable depolarization may occur experimentally or in certain diseases as a result of direct damage to the membrane or disruption of metabolism.

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y], relative to the depolarizing transient current density [J.
The terms [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are the well-known electric and magnetic field depolarizing dyads resulting from the longitudinal current densities and are mathematically and physically consistent with prior well-documented findings [25-35].
Neuronal spiking response was tested by injecting brief (1 sec) depolarizing current pulses (100-400 pA) and measuring total number of spikes evoked, the minimal current required to evoke spike, and the maximum peak frequency of the evoked spikes.
This article explores the dilemmas associated with working with same-sex attracted (SSA) clients in religious conflict, the ethics of conversion therapy, social justice issues, and whether depolarizing the debate can or should be a goal.
Table The safety of selected drugs in patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia Do not use (trigger agents) Cyclopropane Depolarizing muscle relaxants (e.
A cell will remain refractory until it is able to repolarize, recognize, and respond to another depolarizing force.
Characean action potentials can be induced by various stimuli, including suddenly lowered or raised temperature or pressure, UV irradiation, and odorants, as well as by a mechanical stimulation or a depolarizing current (Harvey, 1942a, 1942b; Hill, 1935; Kishimoto, 1968; Osterhaut & Hill, 1935; Staves & Wayne, 1993; Ueda et al.
Half of each group then viewed the normal sky, and half saw the sky through a depolarizing filter.
Precautions should also be taken in those patients who have had previous anaphylactic reactions to other neuromuscular blocking agents, since cross-reactivity between neuromuscular blocking agents, both depolarizing and non-depolarizing, has been reported.
These depolarizing muscle relaxants are associated with occurrence of fasciculations, post-operative myalgia, rise in intraocular pressure, hyperkalaemia, rise in serum creatinine phosphokinase and myoglobinuria.