depression angle

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depression angle

[di′presh·ən ‚aŋ·gəl]
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angle of depression

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i. In aerial photography, the angle between the optical axis of an obliquely mounted air camera and the horizontal. Also called a depression angle.
ii. The angle in a vertical plane between the horizontal and a descending line as viewed from an observer to an object (e.g., angle of depression of radar).
iii. The angle between the horizontal plane passing through the sensor and the line connecting the sensor and the target.
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Method Proposed Zernike EFS SVM SRC CNN s 95.25 93.24 92.92 89.72 90.14 92.66 Table 12: Template and test sets with large depression angle variance.
In the following experiments, data measured at depression angle 17 deg are used as library data, and 15 deg is considered as unknown input for testing.
The training samples are captured at depression angle of 17[degrees] and the testing samples are captured at depression angle of 15[degrees].
* the clutter backscatter coefficient, [sigma][degrees], is given by [sigma][degrees] = [Gamma] sin ([epsilon] + [[epsilon].sub.d]) where [[epsilon].sub.d] is the depression angle to the horizon and [epsilon] is the angle from the horizon to the clutter patch.
Training set Number of Vehicle images Serial number Depression angle BMP2 699 9563, 9566, C21 17[degrees] BTR70 233 C71 17[degrees] T72 699 132, 812, S7 17[degrees] BTR60 256 k10yt7532 17[degrees] 2S1 299 B01 17[degrees] BRDM2 299 E71 17[degrees] D7 299 92v13015 17[degrees] T62 299 A51 17[degrees] ZILI131 299 E12 17[degrees] ZSU234 299 D08 17[degrees] Testing set Number of Vehicle images Serial number Depression angle BMP2 587 9563, 9566, C21 15[degrees] BTR70 196 C71 15[degrees] T72 588 132, 812, S7 15[degrees] BTR60 196 k10yt7532 15[degrees] 2S1 274 B01 15[degrees] BRDM2 274 E71 15[degrees] D7 274 92v13015 15[degrees] T62 274 A51 15[degrees] ZILI131 274 E12 15[degrees] ZSU234 274 D08 15[degrees] Table 2: 4 classes of targets of the MSTAR dataset under EOC-1.
For these two targets, we only use the images from serial number SN_C21 for BMP2 and SN_132 for T72 at depression angle 17[degrees] as the training data.
This figure relates the optical range in nautical miles from a platform at altitudes varying from 1,000 to 60,000 ft over the earth as a function of depression angle. This set of curves was supplied by Richard Udd, Raytheon Co., Electromagnetic Systems Division, Goleta, CA.
Air-to-ground attacks with the ISIS are normally carried out according to a set pattern and with a manually inserted depression angle, but some ISIS models make a provision for laser-range inputs.
In data fusion strategy, multiple images of a target in the same depression angle but in different aspects are selected.
Actually, a solar depression angle of 16 [degrees] is sufficient for any astronomical activities, even the deepest of deep-sky observing, in almost any part of the sky.
The baseline length of InSAR is 2 m; the vertical height of InSAR master channel is 8 km; the depression angle and the incline angle of InSAR baseline are 30 deg and 60 deg, respectively.
The transmitter depression angle is [[theta].sub.i] = 60[degrees], the receiver depression angle is [[theta].sub.s] = 50[degrees], the squint angle is [[theta].sub.sqT] = [[theta].sub.sqR] = 30[degrees], the incident frequency is 14 GHz, the ocean surface is 500 m x 500 m.

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