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the lack of economic and emotional supports generally accepted as basic essentials of human experience. These include income and housing, and parental care (or an adequate substitute) for children. This recognizes that care, shelter and security are human needs (see also HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, MASLOW) the possession of which leads to a fuller, more comfortable life experience and allows a more complete development of the individual's potential. See also CYCLE OF DEPRIVATION, POVERTY, RELATIVE DEPRIVATION.
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sensory insufficiency or inadequate load on the system of analysors observed in man when isolated or when the functioning of the main sense organs is impaired. Astronauts, speleologists, and others experience the phenomenon of deprivation. The depth of the psychological, autonomic, and somatic changes in deprivation is determined chiefly by its intensity and duration, as well as by individual personality traits. If work capacity and mental health are to be retained under conditions of deprivation, it is very important that the work be organized efficiently and that specific steps be taken to increase the reliability of the auditory, visual, interoceptive, and other information.


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Bannockburn High, which has a 19 per cent deprivation rate, came in 300th on the list, with 20 per cent of its pupils who sat Highers achieving five or more - eight per cent less than its benchmark.
Dr Hassan Al Hariri, Head of Sleep Clinic and Pulmonologist, Rashid Hospital, says that a long-term sleep deprivation can cause a number of psychological issues.
In these overnight on-site call doctors, DNA repair gene expression decreased and DNA breaks increased after sleep deprivation. Damaged DNA increased after only one night of sleep deprivation.Ee
So far, the latter has contextualized humanitarian aid within the ongoing deprivation and, for the most part, refuses to attribute Palestinian needs to Israel's colonial presence and violence.
Adrian McCann, Ph.D., from Ulster University in the United Kingdom, and colleagues evaluated the relationship between area-level deprivation and risk of cognitive dysfunction using data from the Trinity, Ulster, and Department of Agriculture study from 2008 to 2012.
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KABUL -- President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says the central provinces of the country will not face deprivation as he admitted that more work and determination is required to eliminate poverty and improve the lives of the people.
Last year, 16 cent of the EU population (75 million people) and 21 per cent of Cypriots, suffered from material and social deprivation, according to data released on Tuesday by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.