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the lack of economic and emotional supports generally accepted as basic essentials of human experience. These include income and housing, and parental care (or an adequate substitute) for children. This recognizes that care, shelter and security are human needs (see also HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, MASLOW) the possession of which leads to a fuller, more comfortable life experience and allows a more complete development of the individual's potential. See also CYCLE OF DEPRIVATION, POVERTY, RELATIVE DEPRIVATION.



sensory insufficiency or inadequate load on the system of analysors observed in man when isolated or when the functioning of the main sense organs is impaired. Astronauts, speleologists, and others experience the phenomenon of deprivation. The depth of the psychological, autonomic, and somatic changes in deprivation is determined chiefly by its intensity and duration, as well as by individual personality traits. If work capacity and mental health are to be retained under conditions of deprivation, it is very important that the work be organized efficiently and that specific steps be taken to increase the reliability of the auditory, visual, interoceptive, and other information.


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While Raz emphasizes the importance of sensory and maternal deprivation theories, she is particularly concerned with cultural deprivation theory.
As schools now have a pivotal role in breaking the link between deprivation and attainment, don't miss this opportunity to share good practice and discover how you can maximise the benefits of your pupil deprivation grant spending.
But there is certainly a correlation between deprivation and radicalism.
BEIRUT: More than half of families in Tripoli suffer from deprivation, with the figure rising to more than four in five families in the notoriously restive Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood, according to a newly released study by a U.
The twin with the gene mutation also had 40 percent fewer average lapses of performance during 38 hours without sleep and required less recovery sleep afterward -- sleeping only eight hours after the period of extended sleep deprivation compared with his twin brother, who slept for 9.
In the study for which more than 12,000 teens were surveyed, Meldrum links extreme sleep deprivation to 12 outcomes ranging from obesity, substance use, drunk driving and even suicidal tendencies.
We desperately need a system of local government financing in which need and deprivation are properly considered.
11), and studies in people have hinted that sleep deprivation increases the risk of Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.
research associate professor in the Division of Sleep Medicine, said that the combined effect of aging and sleep deprivation resulted in a loss of control of blood sugar reminiscent of pre-diabetes in mice.
DEPRIVATION is measured by various indicators including income, employment, health, education, housing, services and crime.
D -- Deprivation from talking for the rest of the meeting.
The biggest areas of deprivation for the seaside towns in 2010 were in the areas of health and disability, followed by employment.