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Loss of the sense of the reality of people or objects in one's environment.



a sense of change or unreality in one’s environment that appears in certain mental illnesses (for example, schizophrenia, cyclothymia, epilepsy).

While experiencing derealization, the outside world is perceived as foreign, artificial, changed, and sometimes distant, vague, and dreamlike. Time seems too fast, or else it seems to have stopped. Unfamiliar surroundings seem to have been seen before and, conversely, familiar situations and places seem strange, as though seen for the first time. Derealization is often accompanied by melancholy, fear, and confusion; it is often combined with depersonalization. It is treated by eliminating the primary illness.

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But encountering a book sliced, severed, nailed to a support, glued tight, bolted to others unopenable like it, or otherwise derealized as reading site always has the aura of the censor and the incendiary about it, the stench of fascism and disempowerment.
Over and against the derealized status of commodified tokens submitted to merchant exchanges, over and against a thirst for property conveyed by the stuttering utterances constituting the discourse of hollow men who cannot fully survive under the onslaught of insecure formulations, the narrative voice insinuates a sense of dogged permanence: that of nature, that of industrial landscapes of meaningless waste (244-5, 663), that of the physical features of the world we live in.
de P, one of the most visible of his Sapphists, is no less an apparition than her fellow prisoners, all identified as practicing Sapphists by Roumagnac, but derealized, to borrow Castle's term, by his narrative.
For Freud, Vidler says, "unhomeliness" was "the fundamental propensity of the familiar to turn on its owners, suddenly to become defamiliarized, derealized.
Scott Romine explains how the Agrarian concept of "place" has been used to constitute the category of "southern" literature and notes that, as the consensus supporting such a concept evaporates, much regional writing has become decadent and derealized.
The reality it depicts is consistently derealized for the
Film audiences temporarily assume a position of perspecuity when they "see through" the delusions of characters victimized by the Kulturindustrie; nevertheless, the scenes' reflexivity ensures that both viewers and characters inhabit the same derealized worlds.
The gender-crossing of the masochist," he writes, "does not trigger an identical transformation in the woman" (46), but rather, "[t]he woman is derealized by being given a meaning only within the huge and shifting parameters of masculinity" (20).
Their reality, the narrator insists, comes not from the likelihood that they are based on real people known to him, but precisely because the people he "knows" are derealized, broken up, made to disappear: "They should, rather, walk into the page" (27).
Thus it is proposed to consider democracy as something derealized rather than unrealized.
Thus, in Willy's act, the spectators' cognitive oscillations between play and display were geared towards a perception of the acrobat's body as derealized and transparent.
The former, by adopting a "spectator point of view", "has always derealized the passing pulses of our life" (James 1979, p.