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It can be concluded in qualitative dermatoglyphic analysis that women with reduced number of digital loops tend to develop breast cancer.
Effects of sexual maturation on body composition, dermatoglyphics, somatotype and basic physical qualities of adolescents.
The dermatoglyphic configurations, once printed on a surface, are then called digital fingerprints (17), which are then analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.
Padmaja, "Finger and palmar dermatoglyphic study among the bondos of Orissa," The Anthropologist, vol.
Tables 1 and 2 present the frequencies of the dermatoglyphic patterns in the 2 groups.
Population characterization and differentiation using dermatoglyphics features like fingerprints have also been considered as a useful marker within the domain of biological anthropology [9, 10].
At the time, morphological perspectives prevailed over variability in certain features such as dental characters and dermatoglyphics. Based on this information he studied the variability between Yanomami, and the Chipaya of Bolivia (Murillo et al.
Conclusion: Dermatoglyphic patterns can be used as a marker to detect the obesity.
For dermatoglyphic traits, high fluctuating asymmetry can be used to infer prenatal stress and instability, which can have an impact on postnatal development and behavior.
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