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An area of skin delimited by the supply of sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
Lateral portion of an embryonic somite from which the dermis will develop.
Instrument for cutting skin for grafting.



cutis plate, the embryonic basis of the connective-tissue part of the skin, or dermis. (The dermis is also formed from some of the cells of the ganglionic plate that develops from the neural columns.)

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Time interval between loss of pin-prick sensation to the appearance of pin-prick sensation in any of the dermatome (Grade 1).
In diagrams or maps, the boundaries of dermatomes are usually sharply defined, as are acupuncture points.
On physical evaluation, she presented pain provoked by typically nonpainful stimuli (allodynia) and hyperalgesia in the left thoracic region from the root of the fourth thoracic dermatome to the tenth thoracic dermatome.
Level of sensory block achieved in current study with these three doses shows a difference of three dermatomes between low and middle dose group and a difference of two dermatomes between middle and high dose.
We report a 24-year-old woman who presented with acute onset of paralysis in both lower limbs and sensory disturbance below the fourth-thoracic dermatome.
The following information was received in response to specific questions about current pain or symptoms in the neck or upper extremity: dull, aching neck pain and in the C7-T1 dermatomes (subject 8); cramps in the left hand (subject 26); dull, achy pain in the left D3-D4 fingers (subject 37); and numbness and tingling in both hands (subject 46).
The second section outlines common neurological tests and scales such as those for muscles, motor points, dermatomes and myotomes, spasticity findings, radiculopathies, traumatic brain injury assessment, stroke scales, and pressure ulcers.
Their polyradiculopathy is often at multiple levels, as distinguished from the mono-radicular, well-demarcated pain affecting one of several key dermatomes that's typical in patients with a herniated disc.
This report describes the case of a 70-year-old male patient with multiple myeloma that was treated with bortezomib and subsequently developed bilateral herpes zoster reactivation along two separate dermatomes.
were placed on S2 dermatomes (Buttock thigh and posterior leg) and S3 dermatomes (Groin, medial thigh to knee) for 20 minutes with frequencies of 35Hz and the pulse width, set at 0.
There was sensory loss in the T2-T6 dermatomes with stable haemodynamic variables.