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To ensure interoperability, the MPEG compact descriptor for visual search standardization aims to define the format of compact visual descriptors.
The first one is the pre-processing of the input videos, which concentrate on the standardization and shot boundary generation because both the audio and spatio-temporal descriptors are extracted from a certain period of shot.
Geometrical descriptors are suitable to be mapped point-by-point on facial surfaces.
The groups exhibited a wide distribution for the descriptors primary raceme insertion height, mean internode length, number of internodes, number of racemes harvested and fruit dehiscence (Table 2).
The performance of different descriptors was evaluated using the JAFFE and CK database sets.
Animal-like aroma--This odor descriptor is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of animals.
Independent sample T-tests were performed in order to find the statistical differences between the intensity of each descriptor between wines of the same type aged in different barrels.
Another approach in object recognition is the usage of global descriptors which do not select key points.
In the majority of retrieval system, either dedicated to concept detection, scene categorization, classification or similarity retrieval, a very common approach exploits the bag-of-words paradigm, in which the centroids (vocabulary) of a clustered set of training descriptors is used to count the occurrences of descriptors belonging to every class within the objects of interest [21].
At the initial stage of work for all molecules simplex descriptors are calculated (about 2 thousands), they are weighted for the mixtures according to the molar concentration of the mixture components.
The semantic annotation of web service descriptors allows automated agents to reason about the capabilities offered by the services and make decision regarding discovery and composition tasks, avoiding the complexity that those processes involve for users or developers.