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Common desert shrub, yellow flowers, woolly, gray-green leaves. If you’ve ever eaten just one leaf right off the bush, you know how much medicinal power this plant has. A very versatile powerful plant used for all kinds of conditions, both minor and major. A very powerful antiseptic for viruses, bacteria fungus. Used for reversing gray hair and balding spots by making a really strong tea (couple of hours on stove) mixed with black tea and rosemary (rub into head daily). It’s stimulating action encourages hair to regrow if the roots have not been destroyed. If young sage leaves are boiled down to a resin, (until all that’s left is a black goo) they form “black salve” which is applied to skin tumors to remove cancers. Astringent and expectorant qualities great for respiratory infections like bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, fevers, pneumonia, and immune system weakness. Very bitter plant, which makes it great for the liver, creating bile, gallstones, digestive enzymes, heartburn, stomach, colic, colitis, flatulence, worms, menstrual cramps, even infertility. For insect bite or itching, take some leaves and mulch in mouth with saliva and place on itchy spot. Powerful antioxidants help delay the aging process. Sagebrush is not related to common kitchen sage, but has similar qualities. High in concentrated turpenoids and other strong compounds that make it toxic to the liver if consumed for more than a week or two at a time. Simply chewing on on one tiny leaf is enough to activate the liver and stomach to produce digestive juices and power because of the bitter taste. Some tea now and then is ok, but it’s quite nasty and bitter.
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The Desert Sage P415-11-MRR-223 SBR has a Rock Creek 5R, 4150 MIL-B-1159, chrome vanadium steel barrel with five grooves and a 1:8 right-hand twist.
Men's and Women's Color Palette The importance of neutrals continues to evolve with Desert Sage , a cool and soothing greenish-gray that serves as the ideal neutral across the Fall 2015 palette.
The 2008 GX 470 also receives additional styling upgrades including a new dark metallic finish on the front grille, chrome roof rack side rails, liquid graphite on the standard 17-inch alloy wheels, a clear rear combination lamp turn signal lens cover, and two new colors -- Salsa Red Pearl and Desert Sage metallic.
Desert Sage won her maiden at Chepstow well enough and then took in the Irish Oaks.
Unique products are being made from local ingredients such as blueberries, seashells and desert sage to cater to these evolving markets.
King's Vintage: can run well at a huge price That price suggests she's more likely to be battling it out with the ambulance up the home straight, but she won a decent maiden easily in the week, showing form that is superior to that shown by Desert Sage and Miss Jean Brodie when they won last time out - and she's at least ten times the price of that pair.
The Native Desert Sage Massage is a mood-enhancing massage that enlightens the senses and lifts the spirit.
Desert Sage was beaten in an Oaks trial at Newbury in May, but then won her maiden nicely at Chepstow.
presentation of "Strengthen Your Immune System and Reduce Stress With Herbs" by Brittany Sounart of Desert Sage Herbs.
Rosanara, the Prix de Diane second, will represent France, while Hibaayeb and Eldalil, the Ribblesdale Stakes winner and runner-up, Miss Jean Brodie and Desert Sage join Snow Fairy and Meeznah in a six-strong British challenge.