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(of cells, chemicals, etc.) designed (or produced) to perform a specific function or combat a specific problem
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The person who draws, lays out, or prepares a design.
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A full-featured Windows drawing program from Corel that has been widely used by technical illustrators. Originally developed by Micrografx, which was acquired by Corel in 2001, Corel DESIGNER is a very sophisticated vector graphics program providing many features of a CAD program, including layers and dimensioning. DESIGNER generates its own file types (DRW, DS4 and DSF) and also imports and exports all the major graphics formats. DESIGNER was the first application to bring the graphics capabilities of the Mac to the Windows platform back in the days of Windows 3.0. See CorelDRAW and Corel.

We've Used It for Years
Most of the illustrations in this publication were drawn in DESIGNER, which offers a huge assortment of drawing tools for the illustrator. This picture is one of the images in the term "transistor." DESIGNER was the first sophisticated drawing program for the Windows environment.
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From market pull, technology push and serendipitous innovation, we create the right conditions for successful ideation and full commercialisation through tried and tested frameworks, design sensibilities and our 'designerly ways of knowing'.
For leaders and participants of professional institutions operating in design mode on a frequent basis, regular readings (lectio) of such spiritual works, or crafting of speeches (oratio) expressing such high-minded ideals exposes one to insights, possibly valuable ends, and perspectives that the terrors of performativity conveniently displace, thus repairing blind spots and stunted designerly ways of thinking and knowing.
These cognitive transitions develop the learner's Designerly Ways of Knowing (Cross, 1982) and his/ her achievement of true understanding--the explicit instructional goal for having students Design to Understand[C] (D2U[C]).
Conceptually, the PIRPOSAL model illustrates the ways in which engineers work and think, their "designerly ways of knowing" (Cross, 1982), while engaged in the design of an engineering solution.
Building on the foregoing arguments, we would like to point out that Popper's model can be applied in wide contexts of other models of knowledge creation, which could include the knowledge spiral that is realized through the processes of socialization, externalization, combination and internalization (SECI) (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995); the expansive learning framework that is undergirded by cultural-historical activity theory (Engestrom, 1999); and "designerly" ways of knowing (Cross, 2006).
At the same time, the overall application of a chilled designerly palette of white, blue-gray, cerise, and ocher holds it all together as a gestalt, a floating, brainlike mass.