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What does it mean when you dream about a desk?

If we work at a desk daily, dreaming about a desk can just be a reflection of our daily lives in the dream state. Otherwise, desks can represent work or established authority.

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Instead of going straight into the adjoining room, where her desk was, she lingered, slightly irresolute, in the outer office.
Davis, the teacher, that Amy March had pickled limes in her desk.
On the floor of this chamber, which was dotted with highly carved wooden desks and chairs, were assembled about forty or fifty male Martians around the steps of a rostrum.
The desk was beautifully fitted with all the necessary materials for keeping up a large correspondence; but there were not more than half a dozen letters in it altogether.
'Now,' said Squeers, giving the desk a great rap with his cane, which made half the little boys nearly jump out of their boots, 'is that physicking over?'
Dobbins straightened himself up, yawn- ed, then unlocked his desk, and reached for his book, but seemed undecided whether to take it out or leave it.
"As a matter of fact," General Brice continued, glancing at the clock on his desk, "Granet is in my anteroom at the present moment, I expect.
"Well!" said Stryver, slapping the desk with his contentious hand, opening his eyes wider, and taking a long breath, "if I understand you, Mr.
"Hum!" He reflected a moment, then opening a drawer in a desk near him took out a letter, and gave it to me.
With the stone he broke out a corner of the window and then locked the door and sat down at the desk before the open Bible to wait.
In another minute, Mr Pancks's arms were on the desk, and Mr Pancks's head was bowed down upon them; and for some time they remained in these attitudes, idle and silent, with the width of the little room between them.
'Well, all I know is,' replied Miss Sally, 'that it's not to be found, and that it disappeared one day this week, when I left it on the desk.'