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desktop search

A stand-alone application or function built into the operating system that is used to find data in a user's computer, including the built-in drives and any external drives that may be connected. Desktop search is standard in Windows and Mac, and users can search file and folder names, the meta-data (title, author, etc.) within multimedia files and the content of popular file formats such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, email messages and contact lists. The Web can also be added to the search.

Indexes are the Key to Quick Searches
In order to search the computer quickly, desktop search programs create and maintain indexes of the computer's files. It can take several minutes to index all the files the first time; however, subsequent file additions and deletions are indexed in real time.

Enterprise Search
Enterprise search extends desktop search across the local network, allowing authorized users to search for data in servers and other users' computers. See Google Desktop and Win Desktop search.

The Mac's Desktop Search
Spotlight is the desktop search in macOS. Spotlight searches for data in all these categories of data within the computer unless the user unchecks a selection.
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One of the relatively few desktop search engines is the newly released Desktop Search 8, Virtual Edition, from X1 (
While Google scrambled for a fix, the Windows Desktop Search workaround sounded like an IT manager's nightmare: Uninstall the Google tool, unless you had version, in which case you had to first install the latest version and then uninstall it to re-enable indexing.
Featuring a sound card, it is loaded with the Works 8.5, a 30-day trial of UK Office 2007, a 30-day trial of McAfee MIS, Cyber link DVD, Goggle Toolbar and Desktop search, Big fix, Acrobat Reader 8.0 and, in addition, the base unit has 15-in-1 for all your memory cards and eight USB ports.
In addition, Atempo will resell exalead one:desktop, Exalead's fully unified enterprise desktop search solution that allows end users to search for information regardless of format or location, including multimedia files, e-mails, contacts, tasks and notes, and other documents.
Along with fixing many of those thorny incompatibility glitches, the service pack will include performance enhancements and added flexibility such as the ability to run your choice of desktop search programs, including Google Desktop, as the default rather than the search program Microsoft provides.Many users experienced no compatibility glitches with Vista, according to anecdotal reports, which is the case with most software upgrades.
Numerous bug fixes will be incorporated including a revised desktop search function, faster shutdown speeds and file transfers, more secure BitLocker Drive Encryption and Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) support for x64-based machines.
Improved desktop search: Desktop search features from Google and Yahoo!
Windows, and an optional desktop search component helps users find files based on their contents rather than filename alone.
Capability: Google Desktop Search indexes files on your desktop PC and displays the results in a Google search page.
The advent of Spotlight in Mac OS X and other desktop search tools have helped users easily find and manage files.
The application analyzes the context of what users are doing on their computers and proactively finds relevant information from preferred desktop search applications like the MSN Search Toolbar, search engines, news sites, shopping sites, blogs, research services, and corporate knowledge and document management systems.