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(chemical engineering)
The removal of sulfur, as from molten metals or petroleum oil.



a combination of physicochemical processes that promote the removal of sulfur from molten metal (cast iron, steel). It consists in converting the sulfur dissolved in the metal to sulfides that are either insoluble or poorly soluble in the liquid metal bath (for example, MnS, MgS , CaS, and Na2S). Examples of desulfurizers are lime, sodium carbonate, and metallic magnesium.

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Early cupolas used acid and soda ash to desulfurize.
Jensen tells me the foundry doesn't desulfurize, and their key to quality ductile iron is buying good scrap and pig iron and tightly controlling chemistries.
The technique was used to desulfurize, nodulize and preinoculate molten iron.
Generally, the higher the sulfur content, the more nodulizing agent required-first, to desulfurize the metal bath, and second, to leave enough residual nodulizing material for the formation of spherical graphite.