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(of an electroencephalogram), the replacement of time-ordered, synchronous high-amplitude (30-100 microvolts [μv ]) and slow (α and θ-activity) oscillations of biopotentials by less regular, low-amplitude (5-25 μV) and faster (β-activity) oscillations. The desynchronization of biopotentials in the cerebral cortex usually occurs in response to various stimuli (see Figure 1) but may be caused, for example, by some pharmaceuticals. Desynchronization is one version of the “activation reaction,” or the “waking reaction,” in which the leading role is played by influences exerted on the cortex of the formatio reticularis. Desynchronization also sets in during particular stages of sleep (the fast phase of sleep, or “fast” sleep). Desynchronization is a manifestation of the orientation reflex.

Figure 1. Human electroencephalogram. At rest a regular α-rhythm with a frequency of 10 periods per second is recorded on pickups from various regions of the brain (at left). In response to a light stimulus (the dark band at bottom) the α-rhythm is replaced by low-amplitude β-activity. Scale: 50 μV along the vertical, 1 sec along the horizontal.

Persistent desynchronization (a so-called flat electroencephalogram) is one indication of disruption of the activity of the central nervous system.


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I don't presume to think I understand how Gould achieves this feat, but I think desynchronization of parts contributes to it.
Consequently, the SAP-NFC protocol can defeat existing attacks such as the replay attack, impersonation attack, tracking attack, and desynchronization attack.
The modified temporality of social media, of which acceleration and desynchronization of interactions and self-representation are the main features, intervenes to alter the flow of time--both real and perceived--of political action.
Abbreviations ASD: Autism spectrum disorders MEG: Magnetoencephalography ERD: Event-related desynchronization PMBR: Postmovement beta rebound EEG: Electroencephalography GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid DSM: Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders ADOS: Autism diagnostic observation schedule MR(I): Magnetic resonance (imaging).
Perspective Evaluation Node (FPGA) Detection method Number of active microphones Number of orientations Sensing time Network (host) Data Fusion techniques Power efficiency topology Data desynchronization Table 2: The experimental results detailed in Section 6 are obtained by evaluating different node's configurations.
A higher level of alpha desynchronization was observed both in the UOC and IR tasks, while almost the same lower level was observed for the SA and CA tasks.
Shiftwork causes desynchronization in circadian rhythm which in turn leads to reduced NK activity and weakening cellular immunity [68], disruptions in norepinephrine, melatonin, and serotonin production [69, 70] which may induce anxiety, depression, hypercortisolemia, and psychosis.
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that has been associated with desynchronization between circadian rhythms and light-dark cycles during short photoperiod seasons.
Abbreviations ECoG - electrocorticography FD - fractal dimension DC - direct current GABA-A - gamma-aminobutyric acid type A Changes in spontaneous activity during anesthesia and aluminium intoxication led to desynchronization of the rhythm and change in the balanced state.
The normal electrophysiology activity of the frontal area is mainly in the process of desynchronization, with most common [sz] activity and relatively weak a activity.
Experimental results show that the proposed method provide better efficiency of slot utilization than the existing schemes without any loss of the nature of the desynchronization.