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Traditional desktop trace detection instruments screen objects, not people, requiring the substance particles to be transferred from the person to an object before they can be detected," said Tim Mathews, general manager, government and military, GE Security's Homeland Protection business.
GE's Itemiser has been an effective detection platform for law enforcement and corrections personnel for many years and GE has used technological advances to make the new Itemiser FX even more effective," said Steve Morrison, vice president, Public Safety and Homeland Security Department, West Virginia High Technology Foundation.
Itemiser FX can provide highly effective trace particle detection of difficult-to-find substances while letting people pass through the screening process quickly and easily with little or no assistance.
The unit can help customers eliminate the time, cost and staffing associated with the use of sample wipes necessary with other trace detection systems.
Advanced human peak detection algorithms enhance dependability in explosives mode, while multiple points on the sampling wheel speed up down time for clearing between samples, reducing false alarm rates.

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