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If you don't lube the detent assembly, the pin can begin to stick.
Two models are available, one with what is described as the Serpa Technology Active Retention System and a standard model with Pressure Adjustable Detent.
The Ransom mat is made of a rubber like material and has a nice molded hp all around it to keep small pins, springs, and those little detent balls from rolling off the bench.
The lever arm detent is tandem spring biased against a tab on the lock body.
Output resolution is 12 pulses per revolution with 24 detent points.
To prevent damage to the gear train, a specially designed detent clutch automatically disengages when a preset stop is reached or when cutting pressures become excessive.
The male interface is available in smooth bore for easy mating or detent for female retention.
Many of Pasternack's SMP and mini SMP connectors are in smooth bore, limited detent and full detent versions.
Rear sight: Ears bent; windage drum damaged; detent stuck
It's really necessary to have a front takedown pin detent installer.