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(1) In some modern languages, a class of words including articles and certain pronomial adjectives (demonstratives and possessives). Determinatives are necessary markers with the noun; they express the meanings of the grammatical category of definiteness. Determinatives exist in a number of Western European languages (all Romance and Germanic languages, Greek, and Hungarian).

(2) In the comparative grammar of Indo-European languages, the term designating the elements of the suffixal type, which are closely bound to the root and whose precise meaning is usually not clear.

(3) In the history of written language, the graphic markers of a group of concepts, to which the word equipped with the determinative belongs. Determinatives are used in individual writing systems (the hieroglyphic written language of Egypt, the Hittite hieroglyphics, and Sumerian and Hittite cuneiform). In the Chinese hieroglyphic written language, the determinative is an element of hieroglyph (which is common to a number of hieroglyphs); it can also function as an independent hieroglyph.

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the words in (a) above] that are admitted to the determinative category on the basis of this criterion are: [33] all, several, both, sufficient, certain, various, few, little, many, cardinal numerals.
There are three ways to read these glyphs: as the word man (za) and woman (zat); as first-person pronouns (both pronounced "ee"); or as determinatives of gender.
In this study we tried to execute the most determinative internal and external egg quality traits by using Principle Component Analysis (PCA).
A few cases can illustrate the determinative effect of reliance or damages and the wisdom of subordinating the auditing and accounting issues to these non-accounting defenses:
But the determinative power of the Internet does not come from its technology.
In adding new determinative factors, the firm argued, it is FDA's obvious intent to regulate more products as conventional beverages instead of dietary supplements.
Rehn, who was replying to a written question by Cypriot MEP Takis Hadjigeorgiou, said that the coming months will be determinative for the achievement of a solution in Cyprus.
It reflected a trend that would have a determinative impact on Hillary Rodham Clinton's political career: the increasing discomfort of many Americans with her and her husband's "copresidency.
Christians believe that the nature of our response is determinative of destiny.
Judge Abella adds, "While it is true the Act makes references to the family, nothing in them detracts from the Act's overall and determinative emphasis on the protection and promotion of the child's best interests, not those of the family.
Kortvely prefers the terms indeterminative, determinative and reflexive-medial, which in her opinion best carry the nature of conjugations (p.
It wrote that while intention to stand in the place of a parent is relevant, it is not determinative.

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