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(1) In some modern languages, a class of words including articles and certain pronomial adjectives (demonstratives and possessives). Determinatives are necessary markers with the noun; they express the meanings of the grammatical category of definiteness. Determinatives exist in a number of Western European languages (all Romance and Germanic languages, Greek, and Hungarian).

(2) In the comparative grammar of Indo-European languages, the term designating the elements of the suffixal type, which are closely bound to the root and whose precise meaning is usually not clear.

(3) In the history of written language, the graphic markers of a group of concepts, to which the word equipped with the determinative belongs. Determinatives are used in individual writing systems (the hieroglyphic written language of Egypt, the Hittite hieroglyphics, and Sumerian and Hittite cuneiform). In the Chinese hieroglyphic written language, the determinative is an element of hieroglyph (which is common to a number of hieroglyphs); it can also function as an independent hieroglyph.

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There are some special problems with the determinatives. The determinative of the kid which is normal with the writing 'w.t "small cattle" has mostly been misrepresented as a sort of hornless calf (or sometimes a donkey).
Landsberger, the determinative AN is not written before words in which the initial sign is also AN, such as An, or An-nu-ni-tum.
Even though DNA labs have been set up, the results of the tests done in these labs are not considered determinative.
The men's choice to participate in the burial of an executed criminal became a determinative moment in their lives.
Without a doubt, the role of Abu Hashima alone can give Taher electoral and financial weight in the face of Khatib in the elections, but will likely to be the final determinative factor.
Sunday's presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will likely be determinative on that front.
According to the Table 1, the most determinative characteristics in the LD muscle were found as 0.770 WBS, 0.665 NCBS, 0.560 juiciness, 0.513 acceptability, 0.490 Flavour and 0.464 tenderness respectively as per the grey relation coefficients in the Awassi sheep.
Kildee said, "I do think it's important that we evaluate the agreement on its own merits, and the case of the Americans [held prisoner] is a consideration, but shouldn't be determinative."
Although no factor is determinative, a large emphasis is usually placed on the amount of control an employer exerts over the individual's work.
However, the Tax Court has stated that this factor is not determinative without further evidence substantiating the existence of a bona fide loan (Baird, 25 T.C.
This is the same man who was governor of the determinative state of Florida during the presidential election of 2000.

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