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The use of a well equipped analytical characterization facility can conclusively determine the cause of the failures and lead to the prevention of future failures.
Wolf mentioned that there are obvious databases, like tax data kept by the IRS, that could be used to help determine need.
On the other hand, if it is a section 988 transaction, the Section 987 QBU would determine currency gain or loss in its own functional currency.
As used by the Navy, the process results in a list of the KSAs associated with each enlisted job, allowing us to determine what our sailors are capable of doing and what training is necessary for them to work on the various platforms or in various jobs.
6 Off-Balance-Sheet Transactions -- Determine if there are operating leases that should be capital leases or capital leases that should be operating leases.
The demolition estimator's most important task could be to determine the volume of material to be demolished and removed from the work site.
* alloy stability--these tests were to determine how well a molten alloy can maintain its original composition over time.
They also should determine if anyone was sleeping with the child at the time of death and if this person was impaired by alcohol or other drugs.
* Determine repair parts that can be turned in (excess to ASL)
Bank and its parents have committed to make available to the Board such information on the operations of Bank and any of its affiliates that the Board deems necessary to determine and enforce compliance with the IBA, the BHC Act, and other applicable federal law.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a critical time during development when OP exerts a disruptive effect on amphibian larval sexual differentiation and whether OP disrupts the pattern of SF-1 expression that occurs concomitantly with the differentiation process.