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a deviation from a direct, usually shorter route or course of action

What does it mean when you dream about a detour?

The meaning of a detour in a dream is fairly straightforward. It indicates either that we have encountered an obstacle in some area of life or that we have decided not to confront something directly, and must therefore try to find a way around.

References in classic literature ?
But this detour through the animal's supposed mind is wholly unnecessary.
He knew the windings of the elephant trail along which Kala's murderer had flown, and so he cut straight through the jungle to intercept the black warrior who was evidently following the tortuous detours of the trail.
At times it wound in wide detours close to the path of the lost creatures, and again it circled far away from them.
For the most part I skirted the wood, making occasional detours rather than enter those forbidding depths of gloom, though many times I was forced to pass through arms of the forest which extended to the very shore of the inland sea.
One could save time by taking a narrow path through the long grass, which cut off the detours of the winding drive.
By packaging together multiple guided walks that bring the invisible history of a city to life, as told by the people who made it happen, Detour city guides are an essential companion for the modern traveler.
The grant worth $100,000 could be utilized to but land necessary to complete a trail detour to take the North School Trail north to become part of the Iowa Great Lakes Trail.
Detour Lake Mine poured its one millionth ounce of gold on Sept.
Maitha Bin Udai, CEO, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, said: "RTA has put in place a comprehensive plan for the detour on Al Seef Road aimed at ensuring smooth traffic flow and safety of road users.
He added in remarks to KUNA that closing the detour at the 7th Ring Road was temporary in order to take certain measures related to calibration of expansion joints, being of high importance, regarding that this ring road is used by heavy vehicles.
A motorist, Suleiman Al-Harbi, said the new detour at the intersection of Haramain and King Abdullah roads has caused major congestion.
Overall, Isenberg's Detour is a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the film.